Stop –work orders on 3 houses in Rafat village / Salfit governorate

Stop –work orders on 3 houses in Rafat village / Salfit governorate


  • Violation: Stop work orders on 3 houses.
  • Location: Rafat village / east Salfit city.
  • Date: 25/02/2019.
  • Perpetrator: The Israeli occupation building and organizing committee.
  •  Victims: 3 Palestinian families.


The Israeli occupation army and an officer from the building and organizing committee in the civil administration raided Rafat village , and served 3 stop work orders on houses in the village , on the pretext of building before getting proper licenses in C area.

According to the military order, the occupation set March 25th for the building and organizing session in Beit El court to decide the fate of the structure.

The following table shows more info about the targeted structures:

Affected citizen

Family members

Children under 18

Military order number

The targeted house

Photo number

Abdul Razeq Ayyash




Under construction one floor home (160 m2)


Ihab Fadel Allah




Under construction one floor home (180 m2)


Ma’an Ayyash




Under construction one floor home (140 m2)








Source: Field observation – Land research center – February 2019


Rafat village council head Abdul Jawad Ayyash told LRC reporter:

“The targeted area is close to the Apartheid wall, we tried several times to expand the village’s built up area, but the arbitrary occupation won’t let us expand naturally.

We will try our best and appeal for legal-aid institution in order to save the houses”.

About Rafat:

13 km west Salfit, Rafat is surrounded by Kafr Ad-Dik (east), Deir Ballut (south) , Kafr Qasem (west) and Az-Zawiya (north).

Rafat has an area of 8870 dunums. Oslo convention divided the town into B area (666 dunums) and C area (8204 dunums). Rafat has a built-up area of 308 dunums.

According to 2017 census , Rafat has a population of 2522 people. Rafat6 families are : Ayyash, Shahatheh, Jodeh, Nawwas, Abu Zraiq, Assaba, Jad Allah and Al-Mashni.

In 1986, The Israeli occupation devoured 101 dunums west the town to establish a breaker known as “Mizor Atiqa”, in 2002 the occupation built a segregation wall on the town’s land (3 km)   which isolated 4310 dunums, the wall has only one gate under Israeli military control , opens occasionally in reaping seasons.



Prepared by
 The Land Research Center


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