Israeli troops confiscate a mobile room in Imreiha hamlet / Jenin governorate

Israeli troops confiscate a mobile room in Imreiha hamlet / Jenin governorate


  • Violation: confiscating a mobile room.
  • Location: Imreiha hamlet / Jenin governorate.
  • Date: 13/01/2019.
  • Perpetrator: The Israeli occupation army.
  • Victims: Citizen Hashma Hamdoni.


Sunday , the Israeli occupation troops raided Imreiha hamlet and confiscated a mobile room belongs to the elderly Hashma Hamdoni (72). The Israeli occupation claims that the room is placed in a military zone.

Hashma is only one of the Israeli occupation victims in Imreiha hamlet and surrounding Palestinian communities, Imreiha has the least of life possibilities, but still the occupation never hesitate to take away the little the residents have.

Noteworthy, This is the second time the occupation confiscates Hashma’s properties, the first time was in April 2018 leaving the elderly homeless, and now the same scenario repeats it self in 2019.

A view of the simple life in Imreiha hamlet / Jenin


About Imreiha hamlet:[1]

Imreiha hamlet is in the southwest from Ya’bad, it has a population of 329 people in 2017 census, they live in 83 family homes, all of them are refugees (1948) from many families like Hamdona ,Abu Rumeila, Abu Abed and Turkman.

The Hamlet lacks the least of life possibilities, and completely count on Ya’bad town for services. In Oslo agreement all the hamlet’s lands are area C , according to the Palestinian central bureau for statistics in 2010 , 414 dunums of the hamlet’s lands are used in agriculture, while 109,3 dunums are unused.




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