Israeli crimes in Dhaher Al-Malih village / Jenin governorate

Israeli crimes in Dhaher Al-Malih village / Jenin governorate


  • Violation: confiscating and destroying lands and prohibit building a school.
  • Location: Dhaher Al-Malih / south west Jenin.
  • Date : 02/01/2019.
  • Perpetrator: The Israeli occupation army and civil administration.
  • Victims: People of Dhaher Al-Malih.


Dhaher Al-Malih is in the spot of displacement, the town is isolated behind the apartheid wall in 2000 and has the least of life possibilities.

According to the Geographical information unit in Land Research Center, Dhaher Al-Malih is about 17 km from Jenin city, and surrounded by the Apartheid wall (south), 3 Israeli illegal settlements (east and north) and an Israeli military camp from the west, the town is completely sophisticated from all sides and has a small built- up area of only 32 dunums of its total area.

Confiscating 110 dunums of the town’s lands:

The Israeli occupation army and civil administration raided  Dhaher Al-Malih town and served eviction military  orders targeting 110 dunums of the town’s lands under claims that the lands belong to the Hashemite Kingdom Treasury.

The military orders number (392960, 392961.392962) gave the owners 45 days to vacate the lands, the lands are located in natural block 9.

Field observation shows that 35 dunums of the targeted lands are olive groves since more than 40 years.

Photos 1-3: military orders targeting 110 dunums of Dhaher Al-Malih

Photos 4-5: The targeted lands

Omar Al-Khatib head of Dhaher Al-Malih village council told LRC observer:

“The targeted lands are owned by number of farmers in the town which is proved by legal documents, the owners are: heirs of Yehia Al-Khatib, Heirs of Fathi Zaid, heirs of Mahmoud Zaid and Abdullah Zaid.

There Is an Israeli scheme to take over wide areas of Dhaher Al-Malih lands in order to expand “Shaked” settlement. While the Palestinian farmers are being denied from their natural right of using and accessing to their lands, a colonial neighborhood for Israeli illegal settlers will be constructed, this imposes a great threaten to the Palestinian local residents of the area as the new colonial neighborhood will be very close to their houses. This means more settlers’ harassments and attacks. “

The Apartheid wall,  a new Israeli scheme to grab Palestinian agricultural lands:

The Israeli occupation forces, Mayor of “Shaked” and head of settlements’ council in West Bank in the morning of January 02 carried on ravaging wide areas of agricultural lands from Dhaher Al-Malih in order to construct a new segment of the apartheid wall serving “Shaked” settlement.

However, the next day the ravaging stopped after a decree from the Israeli occupation supreme court.

Photos 6-9 : land ravaging in order to construct a new segment of the apartheid wall.

Photo 10: Israeli machineries ravage agricultural lands.

Field observation shows that the occupation machineries destroyed 60 m of Dhaher Al-Malih main paved road, destroyed 10 m of water lines which left most of the town’s houses without water and ravaged half of the town’s cemetery. Nevertheless, the occupation forced farmer Fawzi Al-Khatib to dismantle his steel room which is used for agriculture (30 m2).

Photos 11-12: The paved road after the destruction.

Photo 13: Fawzi Al-Khatib steel room.


The Israeli occupation won’t let Palestinians rest in peace:

The occupation destroyed several cemeteries such as Bab Al-Rahmeh cemetery and Ma’aman Allah cemetery in Jerusalem, and today, Dhaher Al-Malih cemetery is being ravaged to build an apartheid wall.

Photo 14: The targeted cemetery.

The new wall segment will be only 2 meters away from Citizen Said Khatib family home, which will make the house and Khatib’s family subject of Israeli harassments and demolition operations.

According to the village council the apartheid wall will devour 92 dunums of Dhaher Al-Malih lands , and 300 dunums from Yaboud lands classified as a green zone and 91 dunums belong to the Hashemite kingdom treasury all of them are from natural block (3).

The apartheid wall will also put 5 houses and a farm under demolition threatens.

At-Tahadi (15) school:

Dhaher Al-Malih has the least of life possibilities, and students of the town had to take a hard and dangerous way to reach schools of At-Tura village.

In September 15 -2018, The Palestinian ministry of education decided to build a school for the community, in October 14 the Israeli occupation served a Halt of work military order to the school under claims that it was built before getting a proper license. The military order (206257) set November 01 of 2018 for the building and organizing committee to decide the fate of the structure, and Lawyer Tawfiq Jabareen was assigned o follow up the case in the Israeli court, but the occupation’s court did not give the building permission until this moment.

In November 26 -2018, The occupation troops raided At-Tahadi school , confiscated the construction tools and forced workers to leave the place.

At the beginning of January 2019 , fanatic settlers raided the school and attacked the construction workers.

It is reported that At-Tahadi school is supposed to have 8 classrooms (12 m2 each) and 52 students.

At-Tahadi schools are educational institutions built in marginalized areas in order to support Palestinians’ steadfastness in threatened communities.

Photos 15-16: At-Tahadi (15) school

Photo 17: Halt of work order to At-Tahadi (15) school

Photo 18: confiscation of tools notice


About Dhaher Al-Malih:[1]

17 km north- west Jenin, Dhaher Al-Malih is surrounded by “’Anin “ town (north-west) and “Shaked”,”Hinnanit”and “Tel Manshiyya” Israeli illegal settlements (north-east) , Tura Al-Gharbiya and Tura Ash-Sharqiyeh (south).

 Dhaher Al-Malih has a population of (195) people according to 2017 census, and a total area of 233 dunums, of which 32 dunums are the town’s built up area.

The Israeli occupation devoured 18 dunums for military camps.

Photos 19-20: A view of Dhaher Al-Malih





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