Explosive remnants of military trainings kill number of cows in As-Sakut / Tubas governorate.

Explosive remnants of military trainings kill number of cows in As-Sakut / Tubas governorate.


  • Violation: Expulsion of a landmine kills 4 cows.
  • Location : As-Sakut area, east Ein Al-Bada’a village / the northern Jordan valley.
  • Date: 27/01/2019.
  • Perpetrator: The Israeli occupation army.
  • Victims: Family of herder Fawzi Abu Mutawe’a.


As-Sakut area have always been a hot spot for Israelis, residents of As-Sakut were deprived from their natural resources, and lost most of their land for colonial organizations.

Despite the fact that the Israeli supreme court passed a resolution that requires returning 500 dunums of As-Sakut lands to its Palestinian owners. Behind the scenes, the occupation is violating human rights in the Jordan valley , by imposing unjust restrictions and devouring lands, and leaving landmines and explosive remnants at the areas they withdraw from.

Recently, while herder Fawzi Abu Mutawe’a(59) was herding at As-Sakut , a landmine exploded and killed 4 cows of his 56 cows-herd, the occupation forces rapidly reached the place and closed the area.


Herder Fawzi Abu Mutawe’a told LRC reporter: we suffer from shortage of postures. In 2013 , the occupation claimed that they will return 500 dunums of As-Sakut lands to its real owners after dismantling landmines , we hoped that it will put an end to our crisis, but later own we discovered that they left landmines in several locations to make sure that we won’t go back to using the area normally.

In the recent years, LRC team documented several cases of death or hindrance resulted from landmines explosions.

It is possible that this move is an attempt to please settlers, just in time with new Israeli elections, and The Israeli righteous parties are working to gain settlers to their side.

Such Israeli policies and measurements in the Palestinian territories, are a prove that Israel gives a cold shoulder to all international treatments , resolutions and declarations , by violating basic human right.



Prepared by
 The Land Research Center

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