Stop-Work orders on 3 agricultural rooms- Halhul- Hebron governorate

Stop-Work orders on 3 agricultural rooms- Halhul- Hebron governorate


  • Violation: serving stop-work orders on structures
  • Location:  Halhul- Hebron
  • Date: November 05, 2018
  • Perpetrators: Israeli Occupation Forces and Civil Administration.
  • Victims:  Palestinian families from the area.


The Israeli occupation authorities served on November 05, 2018 stop-work orders on 3 agricultural structures in Aj-Jumjuma area, North Halhul city .

Citizens from the area told Land Research Center that a vehicle relative to Israel Civil Administration raided the town, issued the orders and took photos of the structures before the force had left.

The orders demand the immediate stoppage of the construction, on the pretext of building before getting proper licenses in area C, but in reality the occupation authorities never grant permissions for Palestinians in area classified as C in Oslo conventions.

The order also set November 28, as the date of the subcommittee session in “Beit El” court to decide the fate of the place.


Reportedly, the orders targeted the following owners of structures:

Number Owner m2 Building year Status Order No Photo
1 Anas Zaloum 80 2017 Used 266602 1
2 Ashraf Hamuri 70 2017 used 266605 2
3 Mohammad Ja’abari 70 2017 used 266604 3


Affected villagers had built these structures to rest inside them while working in their lands, but the occupation is threatening to demolish them.


About Halhul[1]:

It is 7km north Hebron city and is around 36,849  dunums in area; 3,364 dunums of which are built up area where the rest is planted with grapes, peach and almond trees. The town is 1050 m above sea level and is considered the highest point in the West Bank. It has a total population of 27,031 people (Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics 2017)

The occupation confiscated (847.5) dunums for the following purposes:

1: “Karmei Zur” settlement devoured 116 dunums when it was established in 1984.

2: Bypasses 60 and 35 devoures 698 dunums.

3: Military camps devoured (33.5) dunums.

Oslo convention divided Halhul lands to 3 areas:

Area A: (4,165) dunums.

Area B: (21,899) dunums.

Area C: (10,785) dunums.




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