Stop- work order on agricultural rooms in Huwwara- East Yatta- Hebron governorate

Stop- work order on agricultural rooms in Huwwara- East Yatta- Hebron governorate

Violation: Stop Work military order.

Date: November 27 – 2018.

Location: Huwwara- East Yatta- Hebron governorate.

Perpetrator: The Israeli occupation civil administration.

Victim (s) :Ahmad Makhamra.


The Israeli occupation authorities issued stop –work orders on agricultural rooms owned by Ahmad Makhamra in Huwwara- East Yatta.

Affected citizen found the military order number (266737) under a stone close to the targeted rooms. The order set December 17 as the date of the inspecting subcommittee session to decide the fate of the place.

Photo 1: Stop work order on the agricultural rooms.

The notified rooms were built in 2016 used as a place for rest during working in the land and storehouses for agricultural equipment and they are as follows:

1: Steel sheets room (15 m2).

2: Steel sheets room (25 m2).

3: Room of bricks (30 m2).

Photo 2: The targeted rooms.

The orders mentioned that the targeted citizen has the right to apply for permissions, but that does not necessarily mean that the occupation will approve on his application.

About Huwwara:

8km south of Nablus, Huwwara is located on bypass road no. 60 that links the north of the West Bank to its south and known as “the street of death” in reference to the many car accidents that take place there. The municipality of Huwara rehabilitated the road and installed warnings but the Israeli occupation still hinders any attempts at restoring the road and does not approve any signs or warnings.

Huwwara has a total area of 8,520 dunums, 1116 of which are built-up area of the village.

The Israeli occupation confiscated 331 dunums for the establishment of Yitzhar colony.

Besides, bypass number 60 confiscated more than 430 dunums of the village lands.

Photo 3: Karamel settlement

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