Serving Final demolition orders in Al-Halawah- Yatta /  Hebron governorate

Serving Final demolition orders in Al-Halawah- Yatta /  Hebron governorate

Violation: Final demolition order.

Date: November 15 / 2018 .

Location: Al-Halawah- Yatta – Hebron.

Perpetrator:  The Israeli occupation civil administration and army.

Victims: Ahmad Abu Aram’s family.



The Israeli occupation authorities issued in November 15 final demolition orders on a residential structure in “Al-Halawa” Yatta, Hebron governorate.

Eyewitnesses said a vehicle from the Israeli occupation civil administration raided the area of “Al-Halawah”, and an officer from the building and construction department showed up, fixed the final demolition order on Abu Aram’s house, took pictures of the targeted house, before leaving the place.

The demolition order number (505723) gave the targeted citizen 7 days to demolish his house, In case the owner fails at implementing the order, the Israeli Occupation Forces will carry out the demolition and all costs will be billed to the owners.

The threatened house was built in 2017 with bricks and steel sheets ceiling, and has an area of (50 m2) , The house is the family home of 6 family members , 4 of them are children.


It should be noted that Israeli Occupation Authorities issued on July 5- 2017 a stop-work order on the same structure. After the incident, the owner prepared legal file to object to the order in the Israeli courts. Despite all efforts, the owner was not granted a building permit and final demolition orders on the structures were issued eventually.

Photo 1: Final demolition order on Ahmad Abu Aram family home.

Photo 2: Stop-work order on Ahmad Abu Aram family home.


It is Noteworthy that the Israeli occupation is targeting citizens’ homes and facilities in Al-Halawah town aiming to evict the town from its Palestinian indigenous people and take over it for colonial expansion, LRC documented Israeli violations in Al-Halawah town:

  • October 09 -2018 The Israeli Occupation demolished 3 houses in Al-Halawah town.
  • May 02 -2018 Israeli Occupation Forces demolish residential and agricultural structures in the Masafer Yatta village of Al-Halawah.
  • November 22 -2017 Israeli Occupation Forces demolish a residence in the Masafer Yatta hamlet of Al-Halawah.
  • October 19 -2017 Israeli Occupation Forces demolish two residences in the Masafer Yatta hamlet of Al-Halawah.
  • July 05 -2017 Stop-work orders on residences and structures in the Hebron area of Masafer Yatta.
  • February 18 2016 Stop-work order on a residential tent in Khirbet Al-Halawah.
  • December 21 -2015 The Israeli occupation confiscates construction material and tools in Masafer Yatta.
  • September 07 2015 Demolition orders on residences in the Hebron area of Masafer Yatta.



About Al-Halawah:[1]

It is relative to Masafer Yatta area. The hamlet’s structures are made of metals slabs and concrete bricks. Al-Halawah is edged by Al-Tawamin and Al-Mfuqara hamlets from the north, Al-Majaz, Al-Tabban and Al-Fakhit hamlets from the east, Al-Markiz , Jinba and Beir Al-Ghawanmeh hamlets from the west and the apartheid wall from the south.

The hamlet’s built-up area is 12 dunums, on which nine families (120 members) reside. The area accommodates four tents and six barracks in addition to 22 residential caves.

Al-Halawah has 65 agricultural dunums  that are cultivated with barley and wheat.

Kids of the area are obligated to travel 2km to reach their primary school located in the nearby Jinba hamlet where secondary school students have to take a 12km route to reach their school in Yatta town.



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