“Halt of construction” order in Khallet Ad-Dabaa’ / Hebron governorate

“Halt of construction” order in Khallet Ad-Dabaa’ / Hebron governorate

  • Violation: serving halt of construction order to a school.
  • Date: November 5 /2018.
  • Location: Khallet Ad-Dabaa’ / Yatta town / Hebron governorate.
  • Perpetrator: The Israeli occupation civil administration.
  • Victims: Students of Khallet Ad-Dabaa’ school.


The Israeli occupation authorities issued “halt of construction” order on a school in Khallet Ad-Dabaa’ on the pretext of building before getting proper license. An eyewitness told LRC observer that a vehicle from the Israeli occupation civil administration raided the Khallet, the occupation forces surrounded the school, and the so called inspecting officer showed up, stock the order on the school’s wall took pictures of it before leaving the place. The order said that November 28 will be the date of the subcommittee session in “Beit El” court to decide the fate of the threatened school.

Photo 1+2: The Israeli occupation forces delivering “halt of construction” order.

The occupation forces terrorized the students; one of them is in a trauma since seeing the armed occupation forces.

Photo 3: The military order

The threatened school was built of bricks walls and steel sheets sealing on the expenses of the rural council, parents in the town and some aid from Human rights institution, it has an area of (60 m2) and consists of 2 classes and an alley. The school has 4 teachers and a principle and 12 students (from first – fourth grade) . Noteworthy, the school’s land was donated by the town’s people (3 dunums).


Photos 4-7 : The targeted school

Many villagers had to leave the Khallet before building Khallet Ad-Dabaa’ school, as they had to send their kids to schools, now that they built a school no need to move anymore.

 About Khallet Al-Dubbae:

It is located to the east of Yatta town and is considered one of the communities of the Masafer Yatta area. The hamlet populates 100 residents, who live off of agriculture and livestock husbandry.

Khallet Al-Dubbae is run by Masafer Yatta village council. The hamlet is linked to Yatta town by an unpaved road.


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