Final demolition orders on Houses and Facilities in She’ab Al Butum hamlet / Hebron governorate

Final demolition orders on Houses and Facilities in She’ab Al Butum hamlet / Hebron governorate

  • Violation: Final demolition order.
  • Date: November 12 -2018.
  • Location: She’ab Al-Butum – Yatta town- Hebron governorate.
  • Perpetrator: The Israeli occupation civil administration.
  • Victims: People of She’ab Butum.


The Israeli occupation authorities issued in November 12 final demolition orders on residential and agricultural structures in “She’ab Butum” East Yatta, Hebron Governorate.

Eyewitnesses said a vehicle from the Israeli occupation civil administration raided the area of “She’ab al Butum”, and an officer from the building and construction department showed up, put the final demolition orders on the threatened structures, took pictures of them, before leaving the place.

The demolition orders gave targeted citizens 7 days to demolish their structures, In case the owners fail at implementing the order, the Israeli Occupation Forces will carry out the demolition and all costs will be billed to the owners.

The threatened structures belong to:

  • Citizen Mohammad Aj-Jabaren: Received final demolition orders for the following structures:
  1. Residential room: built in 2005, has an area of (40 m2) built of bricks and steel sheets, inhabited by (7) family members (5) of them are children.
  2. A tent built of plastic sheets (20 m2) used as the family’s kitchen.
  3. An agricultural barracks built of steel and plastic sheets and has an area of (80 m2) , built since 2005.

He also received a stop work order on a room built of bricks and steel sheets ceiling, has an area of (30 m2) , built in 2017.

Photos 1+2: final military orders to demolish Mohammad’s structures.

Photo 3+4: the threatened structures.

Photo 5 : the stop work order .

  • Citizen Ismael Aj-Jabareen: received a stop work order on a residential room (25 m2), inhabited by 4 family members , 2 of them are children.

Photo 6: The military order on Ismael’s property.

Photo 7: The threatened structure.

  • Citizen: Abdul-Rahman Jabareen: received a military orders to demolish a residential tent (40 m2), was implanted in April 2018 to stay in during agricultural seasons.

Photo 8: The military order on Abdul Rahman’s property.

Photo 9: The threatened structure.

It should be noted that Israeli Occupation Authorities issued on May 22- 2018 a stop-work orders on the same structures. After the incident, the owners prepared legal files to object to the order in the Israeli courts. Despite all efforts, the owners were not granted building permits and final demolition orders on the structures were issued eventually.

Shu’ub Al Bottum Hamlet:[1]

The hamlet is located 15 kilometers southwest Yatta town. About 177 Palestinians from the clans of Al Jabareen and Al Najar live there. They have been living residing the area before the Israeli occupation of 1967.

Shu’ub Al-Bottum has a total built-up area of 110 dunums.

The hamlet is bounded by the outpost of Avigyl from the east while the outpost of Mizpe Ya’ir bounds it from the south. It is bounded by the bypass Road no. 60 from the north and the colony of Susiya from the west.




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