Demolition of a Barracks and a retaining wall – Barta’a and Dhahr Al-Malih/ Jenin

Demolition of a Barracks and a retaining wall – Barta’a and Dhahr Al-Malih/ Jenin

Violation: Demolishing a barracks and a retaining wall.

Location: Barta’a and Dhaher Al-Malih – Jenin.

Date: November 07-2018.

Perpetrator: The Israeli occupation army.

Victim:Dhahr Al-Maleh and Barta’a villagers.


In the early morning hours of November 07 the Israeli occupation army and their dozers raided Barta’a town and demolished an agricultural barracks used for cattle breeding belongs to Haitham Qabha (44 years), on the pretext of building before getting proper licenses in area C.

It is reported that the targeted structure was built in 2017 and caused 85,000 NIS; the owner received a stop-work order at the beginning of October 2017 and hired a lawyer hoping to get a permission, But the occupation refused the application and eventually demolished the structure, Noteworthy, the targeted structure is the only source of income for 6 family members, 4 of them are children.

Photos 1-4: The demolition operation.

In the same context, the Israeli occupation forces demolished a retaining wall (150*1.5 meters) surrounds Dhahe Al-Malih cemetery behind the apartheid wall.

Photo 5-8: The retaining wall.

Omar Al-Khatib, Head of Dhaher Al-Malih rural council told LRC observer: “The targeted cemetery has an area of about 1 dunum and targeted by the Israeli occupation.

Dhaher Al Malih lands are classified C according to Oslo convention, the town has a population of 450 people in 44 families and has a total area of 1013 dunums registered within Yabud city lands, the Israeli occupation obstructs any developmental projects in the town, the town’s built up area is only 52 dunums and there is no way to expand, this had lead 25 families to leave the town.”

LRC documented Israeli violations in Barta’a in 2018:

April 04 -2018 : Israeli Occupation Authorities  confiscate a number of kiosks in the periphery of Barta’a military Al checkpoints.

June 21 -2018: Israeli Authorities Demolishes a Prisoner’s Home in Barta’a.

July 09-2018 : The Israeli occupation distributes stop-work orders in Barta’a village- Jenin Governorate.

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