The occupation delivers notices to a business firm in Beit ‘Awwa/ west Hebron

The occupation delivers notices to a business firm in Beit ‘Awwa/ west Hebron



  • Violation: notices to stop working.
  • Date: 9 – October 2018
  • Location : Khalet Al-Ghoul – Beit Awwa / Hebron.
  • Perpetrators: What is so called the Israeli civil administration.
  • Victim : Citizen Haytham Al Sweity.


9 October 2018, The occupation forces delivered a notice to Haytham Abd El-Hadi Sweity to stop building and working in a construction, under the allegation of building without permission in Beit 'Awwa – Dura/ Hebron.

An Israeli (working and organizing) vehicle broke into Khalet Al-Ghoul/ Beit 'Awwa and reached the firm's location , An observation officer got off the car, wrote a notice, stuck it on the bricks in the location and took pictures of the notice before leaving.

The notice number (266863) informs that "the building is unpermitted" and requests to "Immediately stop constructing" . And decides (11-november-2018) to be the date of the sub-committee session to decide" whether to demolish the firm or to keep it the way it used to be"

Picture 1: notice to stop construction.

Picture 2 : The threatened construction.


The threatened firm is under construction, it is built to be stores of a total space (150 m2), Haytham was hoping to establish a carpentry in it to provide income for his family that consists of 4 members 2 of them are children.

The occupation forces delivered a notice to stop building and construction to the owner Haytham Sweity back in 2018, but he managed to get the necessary file to object on the notice and applied an appeal to grant him permission to build , but the Israeli forces do not grant building permissions for Palestinians.

It is worth mentioning that Beit 'Awwa is one of the Palestinian communities that the occupation targets in notices and demolitions, and confiscation of lands to build more settlements .In addition to the discrimination wall that was built on the town and is only few meters away from many houses and firms especially one of the town's schools.

Pictures 3-5 : parts of the discrimination wall in Beit 'Awwa


"Shekev" settlement also lies on confiscated lands of the citizens behind the wall west the town, the settlement is growing fast by building new constructions and houses and preparing new lands to build on.

Picture 6: "Shakev" close to Beit 'Awwa.


The Israeli forces have installed a martial tower on the land and a metal gate that they close whenever they want to limit the citizens' movement.

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About Beit Awwa

Beit Awwa  is located 17 km to the west of Hebron city and is edged by Deir Samit village from the north,   occupied territories of 1948 from the west, Dura village from the east and Sikka and Tawas villages from the south.

Its population mounts to 10,436 (2017 census) people. Beit Awwa's total land area is 22,428 dunums, of which1048 dunums are considered the village's built-up area.

Israeli colonies confiscated 152 dunums from Beit Awwa lands. Negohot colony that was established in 1982 confiscated around  112 dunums and is now home for 134 colonists. Also, Mirshalem colony confiscated 40 dunums from the village.

The apartheid wall is founded on 4061 meters from the area and was reported to confiscate 406 dunums and to isolate 380 other dunums behind its construction.

The lands of Beit Awwa  are classified according to Oslo Accords as the following:

  • 11846 dunums (53%) are classified as area B

  • 10582 dunums (47%) are classified as area C





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