Set up a new metal gate in Qalqilya

Set up a new metal gate in Qalqilya


  • Violation: Set up a new metal gate on a main road.
  • Location: the road between Jayyus and An-Nabi Elias.
  • Date : October 03- 2018.
  • Perpetrator: The Israeli occupation army.
  • Victims: farmers of the town.


The Israeli Occupation Forces set up on October 03-2018 a metal gate at the linking road of Jayyus and An-Nabi Elias as a step aims at restricting Palestinians’ movement on daily basis.

It should be noted that the metal gate lies exactly under the bridge that annexes the new segment of bypass (55) which links many Israeli colonial blocs like Shamron and Kedumim to the occupied territories of 1948.

Motaz Qaddumi (44 years) from Jayyus town told LRC observer:

“This road is lively as it begins in Jayyus town, passing through An-Nabi Elias to Qalqilya city, the road lies on the place of the Apartheid wall segment that was removed in 2012 with an Israeli Supreme Court decree, this road is 19 kilometers shorter than  the road Jayyus people used to pass through to go to the city before removing the apartheid wall”

The road is not paved yet, and the Israeli occupation troops halt any developmental projects in the area.

Photos 1-2 : The metal gate.

Photo 3: the targeted road.

About Jayyus:

The village of Jayyus is located 10 km to the north east of the city of Qalqiliya. It is adjacent to the green line and parts of its lands fall behind the green line.

 Jayyus has the population of 3478 in 2017 census, inhabitants mostly depending on agriculture and animal breeding as source of living.

The lands of Jayyus are amongst the most fertile lands in the area. It’s total area is 10,925 dunums, of which 418dunums are built up areas.

 Israeli colony “Zufin” devoured 724 dunums, established in 1990 and inhabited by 1040 settlers.

The village lost more than 8,600 dunums ( 66% of the total) of its lands behind the Wall, in addition to the destruction of more than 1045 dunums under the route of the Wall.

Oslo convention classified the village to:

B area (29%) : 3,218 dunums.

C area (71%) : 7,707 dunums.


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