Israeli occupation orders to stop the work in a land /  Wad Al-Shajneh

Israeli occupation orders to stop the work in a land /  Wad Al-Shajneh


  • Violation: an order to stop the work on reclaiming an agricultural land.
  • Date: October 10 / 2018.
  • Location: Wad Al-Shajneh – Dura /Hebron.
  • Perpetrators: The so called “Israeli civil administration”
  • Victim: Family of Ibrahim Mahlees.


October 10, The Israeli occupation authorities ordered to stop work on reclaiming an agricultural land in Wad Al-Shajneh town, on the pretext of working without permission in area C.

While farmer Ibrahim Mahlees (70 yrs) was working in his land, a vehicle from the Israeli civil administration reached the area and ordered to stop the work, and leave the location and never come back before getting a “permission” from the so called “Israeli civil administration” , it is noteworthy that the occupation’s authorities ordered to stop the work in the land after one day of work, Mahlees was planning to plant the land with trees and construct a water cistern.

Pictures 1+2 : The land in which the occupation suspended work.

The land in which the Israeli occupation ordered to stop work in, is close to Bypass road 60, Mahlees owns 130 dunums of land in the area, of which a part is cultivated with olive trees. In 2017 the Israeli occupation confiscated a land in the entry of Wad Al-Shajneh, built a watch tower and a metal gate that the occupation close whenever they want and obstruct lives of the farmers of the area .

About Wad Al-Shajaneh:

The village is located to the south of Hebron لovernorate and is relative to Dura town. It has a total population of 1200 people. The village accommodates UNRWA school, a mosque and a health clinic relative to Palestine Ministry of Health.

Wad Al-Shajaneh is edged by Hebron-Dhahiriya road from the east, Al-Surrah village from the west, an Israeli military camp from the north and Karma village from the south.

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