Destroying water pipes in Bardala/ Tubas Governorate

Destroying water pipes in Bardala/ Tubas Governorate


  • Violation: Destroying water pipes.
  • Location: Bardala village, northern Jordan Valley area.
  • Date: September -17- 2018
  • Perpetrator: The Israeli occupation army.
  • Victims: Farmers in Bardala village.


Monday, September 17 – 2018, Number of members from the Israeli occupation army broke into Bardala town in the northern Jordan valley area, and targeted the water pipes placed by Palestinian farmers to irrigate their farms.

Field observation shows that about 1500 meters of metal and plastic water pipes were destroyed. these water pipes irrigate 180 dunums of land cultivated with different kinds of crops. 

Derar Sawafta head of Bardala rural council told LRC observer:

  “In the recent years, members of the Israeli occupation army break into the town frequently and implant excavation operations over water pipes placed by Palestinian farmers to irrigate their crops. The occupation denies Palestinian farmers their natural right to use water resources of the town. Many water pipes and wells were targeted on the pretext of placing them without getting proper permissions”


Photos 1-8 : the destroyed water pipes.


Stealing water in the middle of day light:

About water crisis in the town Sawafta added: before 1975 there was an artesian well in Bardala town produce 240 m3 per hour, and used to irrigate most agricultural lands in the area, in 1975 , The Israeli company (Mekorot) dig out 2 wells close to the mentioned well , which caused the dryness of the Bardala artesian well and destroyed agriculture in the area. Later on, the Israeli civil administration started selling water to Palestinian farmers (240 cups per hour in 1.5 Israeli Agora) through The Israeli water company (Mekorot)”

In the eastern hells of Bardala town, Farmer Issa Sawaftah is lamenting his land, after his crops were destroyed due to the lack of water and told LRC observer: ” in 2017 , I had to narrow down the areas I cultivate from 18 dunums to 11 dunums due to lack of water, and now the occupation destroyed the pipelines which threatens the agricultural season , our town is rich with water resources controlled by the Israeli occupation. Now, I have to find a different source of income to support my family (9 members , 2 of them are children”



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