Issuing a military order to remove 450 palm seedlings/ Jericho governorate

Issuing a military order to remove 450 palm seedlings/ Jericho governorate

Violation: Issuing a military order to remove 450 palm seedlings.

Location: Deir Abu Hajla / Jericho governorate.

Date: August 22-2018.

Perpetrator: The Israeli occupation state’s properties department.

Victims: Farmer Fahmi Al-Abasi.


Israeli troops and an officer from state’s properties department in the Israeli Occupation Civil Administration raided Deir Abu Hajla, and informed farmer Fahmi Al-Abasi to remove 450 palm seedlings within 2 weeks claiming that the cultivated land is state’s properties.

Affected Farmer Fahmi Al-Abasi from Jerusalem told LRC observer:

“In 2017 I rented a 12 dunums plot to cultivate and provide a sub-side source of income for my family to resist the difficulties of life in Jerusalem.

The occupation’s officer claim that a military order to remove the seedlings was placed under a rock in the land, but honestly I did not see any military orders.

Noteworthy, The land’s owner has permission from the Israeli court to cultivate the land”

Photo 1-2: The targeted land

In the recent years the Israeli occupation caused great damages to Palestinian agricultural sector, mainly targeting The Palestinian Jordan valley area as it is a fertile agricultural area. Some of the Israeli policies include controlling water resources and stealing lands under many claims, other than giving certain privileges to agricultural colonies and support them financially.

There is an Israeli master scheme since 1967 to grab 18,000 of Abu Hajala lands by transforming vast areas into closed military zones and state’s properties. The current Israeli policies aim to evict the land and transform it into a colonial reserve.


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