Demolition military order in Al Am’ari camp/ Ramallah governorate

Demolition military order in Al Am’ari camp/ Ramallah governorate

Violation: Demolition military order in Al Am’ari camp.

Location: Al Am’ari camp/ Ramallah governorate.

Date: June 14 -2018.

Perpetrator: The Israeli occupation army.

Victims: Family of the late Mohammad Naji.


In the early morning hours of June 14 , the Israeli occupation army raided Al-Am’ari camp, and put signs on prisoner Islam Naji’s house preparing to demolish it, Islam was accused of killing an Israeli soldier form the IOF.

Field observation shows that the targeted house consists of 4 floors (each floor 160 m2), The house is now inhabited by The prisoner’s mother (Latifa) , her daughter-in-law (Nasr’s wife) and two grandchildren.

Latifa (65) is  the mother of Martyr Abdul Nasir, and prisoners Nasir, Nasr, Sharif , Mohammad and now Islam joined them, they are all sentenced to be imprisoned for life in the Israeli prisons.

Noteworthy, the occupation authorities gave Latifa only 48 hours to apply for an appeal. In the recent 3 years, the occupation demolished number of residential structures in the west bank area as a collective punishment against families of martyrs and prisoners.


It should be marked that the order was issued in reference to the British Emergency Law for the year 1945, taking into consideration that this law was abolished. “Confiscation and demolition” according to article 119 of the law indicates that it is not allowed to re-construct in the demolition location.

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