Israeli colonists seize hundreds of agricultural dunums for new outpost in Jericho

Israeli colonists seize hundreds of agricultural dunums for new outpost in Jericho


  • Violation:  land seizure
  • Location:  Jericho governorate
  • Date:  February 18, 2018
  • Perpetrators: Israeli colonial groups
  • Victims:  farmer Ibrahim Dumra



 A group of colonists on February 18, 2018 carried out ravaging and construction works on seized agricultural lands in the areas of Deir Abu Hajaleh and Al-Zoor ; more specifically within the natural block number six of these lands.

According to the field visits of Land Research Center, the area witnessed ravaging works, where Israeli forces and dozers opened a 1.5 km agricultural road and set up two mobile rooms in a step to seize a total area of 600 dubums, 52 of which are Islamic Endowment lands.   



Photos 1-2:at time of setting up the mobile rooms


Affected framer Ibrahim Dumra told Land Research Center the following:

" We leased 32 of the 53 dunums of Islamic Endowment lands in the area  and added them to the hundred dunums we own in the natural block number 6. We planted 100 dunums with palm where we planted melon and vegetables in the remaining area. Nine families of 64 members live off of this source of income"


Photo 3-4: Dumra's lands threatened of seizure


He added:

" A month ago, seven armed colonists arrived at the area and pinned down landmarks in different places. We immediately informed Islamic Endowment department and later learned that colonists are attempting at seizing 600 dunums from the area.

At time of the ravaging act, I phone called Islamic Endowment department and Palestinian District of Coordination and Liaison Office DCL to witness the attack. Israeli DCL and the so-called Israeli Guardian of Absentees' Property arrived at the location and claimed the area as "state land".


About endowment land in Jericho, the Chair of Islamic Affairs and Endowment Munther Abu Al-Feilat, told Land Research Center the following:

" Endowment lands total 135,000 dunums in Jericho, most of which are leased for Palestinian private companies and farmers  to be used for agricultural purposes. About 40,000 dunums are not accessible due to the occupation's claim of  them being state lands.

The total area of endowment lands in Deir Abu Hajaleh and Al-Zoor is 5400 dunums that are located to the west of the Israeli bypass road number 90. Also, there is another 52 dunums that are to the east of the road and is currently targeted by a colonial group from Afrid Yeriho"


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 The Land Research Center

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