Israeli colonists paint Anti-Arab graffiti on several cars in Jit village in the West Bank.

Israeli colonists paint Anti-Arab graffiti on several cars in Jit village in the West Bank.


  • Violation:  painting hatred graffiti on cars
  • Location:  Jit village- Qalqiliya governorate
  • Date:  February 13, 2018
  • Perpetrators: Price Tag colonists
  • Victims:  three Palestinians


Three cars were vandalized in the attack in the village of Jit in the northern West Bank, east Qalqiliya governorate. Reportedly, the attack took place at late night It is when colonists of Price Tag gangs sneaked into the area and painted the graffiti on the cars, which were parked nearby the northern entrance of the village. The targeted cars belong to the following citizens:

Affected citizen

Affected car


Sameh Jarrar

Opel Corsa


Mohammad Sakhen

Skoda Octavia


Raed Yamin

Volkswagen Golf



Photos 1-3: the vandalized vehicles


 “Death to Arabs” and “Transfer Now,” read some of the graffiti, written in Hebrew. Affected citizen Raed Yamin said that Israeli Occupation Forces were intensely present the night of the incident. He also said that it is most likely that the occupation forces protected the colonist to carry out their attack that night.

Jit – an Overview:

Jit is located 12 km to the south west of Nablus city, on An Nar Mountain. It is also 14 km to the east of Qalqiliya city and is located under the jurisdictions of Qalqiliya Governorate.

 The village residences are placed over two parallel mountains overlooking the main road connecting Nablus and Qalqiliya. Jit is surrounded by various Palestinian communities including Surra and Tal (east), Far’ata. Al Funduq, Immatin, and Hijja (south), Qusin and Kafr Kaddum (north). It is also edged by the expanding Israeli colony of Kadummim.

Its total area is 6460 dunums including 243 dunums of built up area.


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