Israeli Occupation Forces notify a structure of stop-work west Hebron governorate

Violation: serving stop-work orders

Location:  Surif town

Date:  October 02, 2017

Perpetrators: Israeli Civil Administration

Victims: citizen Yahya Al-Qadi



Israeli Occupation Authorities served on October 02, 2017 a stop-work order on a barrack owned by citizen Yahya Al-Qadi in Surif town, west Hebron governorate.

Reportedly, the affected citizen found the notice on the ground next to the facility.

Photo 1: the stop-work order

The order number 203871 mentioned that the targeted structures lack "construction permits" and are located within areas classified "C" according to Oslo Accords. It also compelled a halt on all construction works and assigned November 13, 2017 as the hearing session of the Inspection Sub-Committee in the Israeli Civil Administration to consider whether to demolish the structure or restore its previous status.

Photos 2+3: general view of the targeted facility

Reportedly, the facility is of 430m2 in area and was built by metal slabs. It was intended to be industrial and to support eight member family including four children.


Prepared by
 The Land Research Center