Israel’s Occupation Forces  confiscate Palestinian agricultural machineries in Tubas

Israel’s Occupation Forces  confiscate Palestinian agricultural machineries in Tubas


  • Violation: confiscation of vehicles and machineries
  • Location:  Sahel Al-Bikai'a and Al-Ras Al-Ahmar
  • Date:  September 13, 2017
  • Perpetrators: Israel's Occupation Forces 
  • Victims:  farmers of the areas


Israel's Occupation Forces  raided on September 13, 2017 the area of Khirbet Al-Ras Al-Ahmar, chased farmers present in their fields and confiscated a 1988 Mercedes truck belonging to citizen Ammar Wakhaymeh.

It should be noted that the affected citizen was stopped and the car was taken to an area classified as " firing zone" according to Israeli authorities. This step was done by the occupation to fake a pretext for the confiscation act. At last, the vehicle was moved to Al-Hamra military camp, where it is held there.


Photos 1-2: the confiscated car at Al-Hamra checkpoint

Photos 3-4: Sahel Al-Bikai'a and Al-Ras Al-Ahmar areas


Since the beginning of September 2017, Land Research Center documented the following Israeli violations against Palestinians in the areas of Sahel Al-Bikai'a and Al-Ras Al-Ahmar:

  • Confiscation of tractor, welding engine and 212 Mercedes belonging to farmer Sa'd Daraghmeh in the area of Al-Ras Al-Ahmar on September 06, 2017.
  • Israel's Occupation Forces  chased and threatened farmers present in their agricultural on September 06, 2017.
  • Confiscation of three private Palestinian cars and arrest of three Palestinian citizens on September 10, 2017 in Al-Ras Al-Ahmar area.
  • On September 11, 2017 Israel's Occupation Forces  raided the area and chased farmers to harass them.
  • On September 12, 2017 Israel's Occupation Forces  raided the area, chased farmers and detained some to harass them.
  • On September 13, 2017 Israel's Occupation Forces  raided the area, confiscated a car from Einun area and moved it to a closed military zone.

Sahel al-Bikai'a: a looted treasure by the occupation

It should be noted the total land area of al-Bikai'a is 98800 dunums, of which 25000 dunums are located within areas classified (B &A) according to Oslo Accords. What remains of the lands is classified as area C, which is under Israeli control. These lands are subject to colonial activities represented in expansion of Buq'ut  and nearby colonies.

Noteworthy, the major parts of the Sahel area are unused properly for the occupation confiscates and expels farmers out of the lands. Farmer s were even deprived of water, which is essential for farming. This made farmers to shift to  field crops because of water rarity rather than other crops.

This area of 98800 dunums witnessed too many violations and attacks by the Israeli occupation over the past 40 years. Lately, the Israeli authorities confiscated 2km of water pipelines that were used to move water from the area of Beit Dajan to Sahel al-Bikai'a. Not only, shepherds were not safe from the Israeli violations represented in dentition , sheep confiscation,and physical assaults. Fines are imposed on shepherds as per restoring their sheep as a result.

There is no doubt that the military trainings held in the area are causing massive destruction to agricultural lands and crops, subsequently affecting animal reproduction season.



Prepared by
 The Land Research Center

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