The Israeli Occupation Forces ravage lands after seizure in Bethlehem governorate

The Israeli Occupation Forces ravage lands after seizure in Bethlehem governorate

Violation: ravaging lands

Location:  Al-Jab'a village

Date:  August 09, 2017

Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Forces

Victims:  residents of the village



The Israeli occupation machineries ravaged on August 09, 2017 some 13 agricultural dunums from the lands of Al-Jab'a village on the claim of "Security Purposes".

Reportedly, the lands are located within the natural blocks number 2 from the locations of Marah Rabah, Al-Hur and Marah Al-Bir in Al-Jab'a area and Khallet Mohammad Salameh in Surif town.

Photos 1-4: the ravaging works in Al-Jab'a area

Photo 5: location of the attack

Noteworthy, Israeli Occupation Authorities issued on June 01, 2017 a military seizure order targeting 12 dunums of Al-Jab'a lands, southwest Bethlehem governorate. More specifically, the lands are founded within the natural block number two.

The seizure was justified on the claim of maintaining security and aborting attacks, the Israeli army said.

It is said that the occupation intends to expand "Haleh" terminal that is founded on confiscated lands from Al-Jab'a area.

The targeted lands are reported to be cultivated with 150 olive trees since forty years. Owners of the land possess Ottoman ownership documents on the lands.


It is reported that the ravaging works supervised and protected by the Israeli Occupation Forces present all time in the area.

Banning farmers from accessing their lands will cast negative shadows on the economic status of the area and will badly affect the agricultural sector. Not only, owners of lands will eventually lose their lands for colonists interests.

About Al-Jab’a:

It is located 25 km to the northwest of Hebron city. It is edged by the villages of Nahhalin and Wadi Fukin in Bethlehem from the north, Surif in Hebron from the south and the armistice line from the west.

 The village has a total area of 7968 dunums, of which 153 dunums are built-up area, where 876 people live (2007 census).


The Israeli colony of Tsoref confiscated around 468 dunums from the village's lands, it was established in 1989 and is inhabited by 767 colonists.

The bypass road number 367 confiscated more than 514 dunums, where the annexation and isolation wall destroyed 340 dunums under its construction.


According to Oslo Accords lands classifications, Al-Jab'a lands are classified as follows:


  • 300 dunums ( 4%) are classified as area "B", which is under Palestinian Authority control 
  • 7655 dunums (96 %)are classified as area "C", Which is under full Israeli Authority control

Prepared by
 The Land Research Center