Stop-work order and confiscation in the Bethlehem village of Battir

Stop-work order and confiscation in the Bethlehem village of Battir


  • Violation: stop-work notice and confiscation
  • Location:  Battir village- Bethlehem governorate
  • Date:  July 24, 2017
  • Perpetrators: Israel's Occupation Forces 
  • Victims:  residents of Battir


Israel's Occupation Forces  on  July 24, 2017 confiscated a caravan belonging to citizen Mohammed Qatoush in the area of Shu'ub Abu Hasan from Battir village.

It should be noted that citizen Qatoush used the caravan as coffee and snacks stand for the tourists who pass by Battir-Beit Jala touristic path. The caravan was his only source of income.

The mayor of Battir municipality, Mr. Tayseer Qatoush, told Land Research Center the following:

" The land on which the caravan is set up totals half dunum in area. Israel's Occupation Forces  removed the caravan and confiscated it. The Israel's Occupation Authorities seek to cripple any income-generating projects in the area and harass Palestinians to push them out from their lands".

Photos 1-2: the confiscation location

In the same context, Israel's Occupation Forces  notified a road of stop-work in the area of Zarb Al-Matraqa in Battir village. The road was being opened by the municipality to facilitate farmers' movement and access to their lands.

It should be noted that the notified road is considered touristic since tourist take it to venture and discover the Palestinian landscape of the area.

Photos 3-4: the notified road


About Battir :

The village is located 7km to the western side of Bethlehem. It is edged by the occupied lands of 1948 from the north and west, al-Walaja village from the northeast, and Husan village from the south.

Battir has a total population of 5117 people until 2014 and has a total land area of 6681 dunum, 832 of which are built-up area.

Oslo Accords divided the lands of Battir as follows:

  • 1467 dunums are classified as area B
  • 5214 dunums are classified as area C



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