Israeli Occupation Forces order pastoral reserve of eviction in Nablus city

Israeli Occupation Forces order pastoral reserve of eviction in Nablus city


  • Violation: eviction order on a natural reserve
  • Location:  Tuwayyel hamlet- Nablus
  • Date:  July 09,2017
  • Perpetrators: Israeli Occupation Authorities
  • Victims: residents of the hamlet


A force from Israel Civil Administration and the responsible of State Properties raided on July 09,2017 Khirbet Tuwayyel, east Aqraba town in Nablus governorate and hanged an eviction order on a natural reserve, targeting an area of 42 dunums on the claim of them being "state lands".

According to the order number 45008, the affected owners were given a 45 day deadline to completely evict the area and restore its previous status.

It should be noted that the reserve was implemented by Land Research Center and OXFAM with funds from Belgium Cooperation. It is a leading project that aims at preserving Palestinian lands and protect them from Israeli colonial expansionist plan. The reserve is reported to serve a number of farmers and herders in providing fodders for their sheep. Noteworthy, the project is intended to be implemented in different areas to reinforce the Palestinian resilience and steadfastness.

The natural reserve, 42 dunums, is surrounded by 1.5 m height fence and cultivated with 1200 seedlings of pastoral plants such like Akasia. The area also accommodates two water wells (110m3), which were also implemented by the project.

Photos 1-2: the eviction order

Photos 3-6: the targeted natural reserve



About al-Tuwayyel :

The hamlet has around 30000 agricultural and pastoral dunums , of which 8000 dunums are arid area,  15000 dunums are planted with field crops and 7000 dunums are subject to colonial expansion activities. (source: Aqraba village council).

A big part of the aforementioned lands is classified area B where  the major part is classified as C according to Oslo Accords.

 The rest of the lands is where the Israeli colonies of Jetit  ,Ma'ale  Efrayim  and Itamar extension are located.

  1. Jetit colony was established in 1973. It has a total  population of 191 by (2005) and a total land area of 1720 dunums. It is only 37km away from the green line of 1949 "the armistice line of 1949".
  2. Ma'ale Efrayim colony was established in 1970. It has a total population of 1423 by (2005) and a total land area of 4778 dunums.
  3. Itamar extension was established in 1984. It has a total population of 651 colonists by (2005) and a total land area of 7189 dunums; the colony is 28km away from the armistice line of 1949.


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