Israel Occupation Forces confiscate items and sabotage water pipelines in Tubas governorate

Israel Occupation Forces confiscate items and sabotage water pipelines in Tubas governorate


  • Violation:  attacks on water springs
  • Location:  Al-Himmeh and Um Al-Jamal hamlets
  • Date:  July 19, 2017
  • Perpetrators: Israel  Civil Administration
  • Victims:  herders and farmers of Tubas


 Israel Civil Administration raided on July 19, 2017 Ein Al-Himmeh area in the northern Palestinian Jordan Valley and confiscated tools used in pumping water for 320 dunums of irrigated crops fields. Noteworthy, the lands are considered source of income for 25 farmers from Ein Al-Beida and Kardala villages. 

According to Land Research Center's filed visit to the location, the Israeli Occupation Forces confiscated a power generator, a water pump, and a water meter in addition to some cables and wires all from a storage established in the area. Noteworthy, the seized items were gifted by Palestinian Hydrology Group PHG a month ago.

 It is reported that the confiscated items were moved to a nearby military camp and a "minutes of confiscation" was delivered to owners.

The minutes of confiscation notice

It should be noted that Ein AL-Himmeh is a famous Palestinian water spring that the occupation works hard to dry it up by digging wells in its periphery. PHG renovated the spring a year ago but the occupation responded with punitive measures.

Photo 1: Ein Al-Himmeh water spring

Photo 2: the storage of confiscated items

Photo 3: agricultural lands threatened of drought due to the latest confiscation

Sabotaging water pipeline in Um Al-Jamal hamlet:

In the same context, Israel Civil Administration sabotaged a plastic water pipeline (3inc* 150m) that was used to pump water from Um Al-Jamal water spring to a nearby water pool used for sheep drinking water. The pipeline project was implemented by PHG one month ago.

It is reported that the so-called Israel Civil Administration destroyed, since the beginning of this year, many water pipelines and ravaged massive areas to dig for underground water in the Palestinian Jordan Valley areas. This negatively affected the agriculture sector and peoples' source of income.

Photo 4: The targeted water spring of Um Al-Jamal

Photo 5: the damaged water pipeline

Photo 6: Um AL-Jamal hamlet




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