The Israeli Occupation Forces close Al-Mughayyer village entrance

The Israeli Occupation Forces close Al-Mughayyer village entrance

Violation: closing a village entrance

Location: northeast Ramallah city

Date:  June 18, 2017

Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Forces

Victims:  residents of the village



The Israeli Occupation Forces closed on June 18, 2017 the southern and eastern entrances of Al-Mughayyer village via road blocks and earth mounds on the claim of "security purposes".

Reportedly, the eastern entrance was closed via road blocks, the road is considered a linking point between the village and the bypass road number 458.

Photo 1:  the eastern entrance closed via road blocks

The western entrance was reported closed via earth mounds, the road links the village to the neighboring cities and town and serves economical wheel in the area.

Photo 2: the western entrance closed via earth mounds


By closing the road, residents of the area will have to take substitute roads that are more fatiguing and expensive.


Closure since 2000:

It should be noted that the occupation army closed the entrance of the village in the aftermath of the second Intifada 2000 and is still imposing the closure on the entrance.


A general view of the village of Al Mughayyer :

The village of Al Mughayyer is located 30 kilometers north east of the city of Ramallah. Its population is about 3054 Palestinians according to the PCBS’s 2014 estimations. Most of the villages’ lands are located in the east of the village and reaches as far as the Jordan River. Its area before the Israeli occupation in 1967 was about 33,055 dunums.

Upon the occupation, however, Israeli forces declared more than 27,556 dunums of the villages’ lands to be “Closed Military Area” in which mines were planted with a high presence of occupation forces. These forces usually prevent Palestinian herders from being present on their lands for any purpose.

The village is surrounded by Israeli colonies from all directions which makes it a target for further Israeli colonial expansion; the colonies of Tomer, Jiljal, Bitsa’el and Nateif Hagdood overlooks the village from east while the colonies of Shivot Raheil and Shilo and their associated outposts overlooks it from the western direction. As for the colonies of Niran, Yataf, Kokhav Ha Shahar they overlook the village from its western direction while the colonies of Ma’ale Efrayem and Mijdaleim overlook it from the north.


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