Final demolition order on agricultural and residential structures in Hebron

Final demolition order on agricultural and residential structures in Hebron


  • Violation: issuing final demolition order
  • Location:  Far'a area- Hebron governorate
  • Date:  April 20, 2017
  • Perpetrators: Israel Civil Administration
  • Victims:  Citizen Naser Hejjeh


On April 20, 2017, Israeli occupation authorities served final demolition order on agricultural and residential structures in Khirbet Far'a, north Dura village in Hebron governorate on the claim of "unlicensed construction". Noteworthy, the targeted structures belong to Naser Hejjeh. Witnesses said that a vehicle relative to Israel Civil Administration backed by an army patrol raided the area, issued three order and hanged it on the targeted structures. The order mentioned that the structures were built without proper license and ordered halt on all construction works and the demolition of what has been so far built within a seven day deadline. If not compelled to the order, the occupation will carry out the order and all expenses will be billed to the affected owner.

Photo 1: the demolition order targeting the structures

It should be noted that Israeli Occupation Authorities issued on January 05, 2017 a stop-work orders on the same structures. The order assigned January 19, 2017 as the hearing session for the Inspection Sub-Committee in the Israeli court of Beit El colony to consider whether to demolish the structures or restore their previous status.

After the incident, the owner prepared a legal file to object to the order in the Israeli courts. Despite all efforts, the owner was not granted a building permit and a final demolition order on the structures.

Photo 2: view of the targeted structures


The following  table shows information about the affected structures:



Nature of use


Year of construction




For sheep



60 sheep






A shade like structure






Home for eight



Outdoor toilet



Metal slaps


It should be noted that citizen Hejjeh and other members of Azarmeh family live in the area of Far'a and take livestock as main source of income. Israeli Occupation Forces issued on January 05, 2017 stop-work orders on the residents structures in order to push them to leave the area for the favor of Adora colony that overlooks the location.

About Khirbet Far'a:

It is located in a steep valley, north Dura village in Hebron governorate. The vast majority of the hamlet's lands belong to Qazzaz and Hijeh families. The area is famous for Far'a water spring. It is inhabited by five families of Azazma, who live off of livestock husbandry.

Adora Israeli colony overlooks Far'a, rendering it a hotspot area for colonial attacks and harassment. Residents of the area are concerned that the occupation is targeting their structures to push them to leave the area so that it becomes available for colonial plan. 


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