Israeli Occupation Forces demolish water supply line in Palestinian Jordan Valley

Israeli Occupation Forces demolish water supply line in Palestinian Jordan Valley



  • Violation: demolishing water supply pipe
  • Location: Tubas governorate
  • Date:  January 10, 2017
  • Perpetrators: Israeli Occupation Forces
  • Victims:  Bedouins of the area


Water is the main pillar to achieve sustainable development in the area of Palestinian Jordan Valley, where the occupation works hard to deprive residents from such necessity. Noteworthy, the Israel occupation authorities imposed several restrictions on water provision and supply; they went further to confiscate water trucks and to impose big fines on them.

It should be marked that Israeli Occupation Forces demolished the water supply pipeline, which was funded by UNICIF and implemented by ACF organization for the sake of moving water from Atuf village to Al-Hadidiya area through Al-Ras Al-Ahmar.  The pipe (1300 m*63mm) was made of fortified plastic.

The reason behind establishing the supply pipeline is to reduce the Bedouin's suffering due to lack of water. Noteworthy, the cost of one cubic meter of water in the area reaches 16 NIS, which is a relatively high price. Thus, the idea of the project emerged to serve the needs of the area's Bedouins.

It is reported that the targeted pipe serves 23 Bedouin families that live in hamlets of Al-Ras AL-Ahmar, Al-Hadidiya and Atuf.


Photos 1-3: the destroyed pipe in the targeted area


Noteworthy, the pipe was notified of stop-work and demolition during November 2016.

The Israeli occupation army is reported to confiscate and demolish water supply pipelines in Tubas governorate; more specifically in the area Sahel Atuf and the nearby Bedouin communities. Such measure is intended to destroy the agricultural sector, which many Bedouin depend on, to force the area's residents to leave it.



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