Dramatic demolition campaign targeted structures and houses in Bethlehem Governorate

Dramatic demolition campaign targeted structures and houses in Bethlehem Governorate

On the 16th of August 2016, the Israeli Occupation Authorities started a demolition campaign against a number of Palestinian houses and structures in Beit Jala and Beit Sahour towns in Bethlehem Governorate, under the claim of lacking building permits. 

In Beit Jala town, the Israeli Army and bulldozers stormed Bir Onah area, where the construction of the Segregation wall were started few months ago, and demolished a 120 square meters house and a residential structure.

During a field visit carried out by the field workers from the Applied Research Institute  – Jerusalem (ARIJ), a demolitions reported for house and structure owned by the local resident Musa Al ‘Aq “Zrinah” and his two sons Mohammad and Mahmoud. While they targeted houses inhabited by about 18 family members.

Mr. Zrinah indicated that the Israeli Authorities did not issue a demolition orders against his structures, but on the 4th of November 2015, the Israeli authorities fined Mr. Zreina, where he started paying to the Israeli related authorities since November 2015-present.


An analysis conducted by the Geo-Informatics department in the Applied Research Institute- Jerusalem (ARIJ), showed that the targeted structures located at the western side of the Israeli Segregation Wall, which it located within the “illegal” unilateral declared border of Jerusalem city. And for that, the Palestinians living  their need to get the building permits for the Israeli Municipality of Jerusalem.

 It’s worth pointed that the targeted residential structures located nearby the Segregation Wall path in Bir Onah, while another surrounding houses are slated to be demolished under the same pretext. See the map No.1

Bir Onah

The Israeli Segregation Wall in Bir Onah neighborhood in Beit Jala town

On the 9th of April 2016, the Israeli bulldozers escorted by the Israeli Occupation Army started laying down the cement blocks to continue the construction of the Israeli Segregation wall in Bir Onah neighborhood, north of Beit Jala town. For more information about this case, click the link below:


Nowadays, the Israeli Authorities almost finished the construction of the Segregation wall in Bir Onah neighborhood, and the path of the wall started to be more clear, where the construction of the Segregation wall started at the mountain obverse Bir Onah neighborhood. See the photo below:


Razing Land and demolishing structure in Beit Sahour town

At the same day, while the Israeli bulldozers demolished the residential structures in Beit Jala town, other Israeli bulldozers stormed Al Janab neighborhood, northeast of  Beit Sahour town, east of Bethlehem city, and razed Palestinian land, demolished a retaining wall, and demolished a Poultry Butcher Shop. See the photo below:


It is worth mentioning that the targeted poultry Butcher shop which run by Shadi Sha’lan and owned by Beit Sahour Municipality, was demolished at the first time on the 5th of April 2016.One week following the first demolition Mr. Sha’lan re-built part of it, while the Israeli bulldozers demolished it again on the 16th of August 2016..  See the map No.2

Beit Sahur

For more information about the first demolition campaign that targeted the poultry Butcher shop, click the link below:


 The Israeli Authorities claimed that the targeted  land  and poultry butcher shop built without permits from the Israeli Civil Administration, since it’s located in the area “C” (according to Oslo Agreement, 1995), which it under the control of the Israeli occupation Authorities.

 Furthermore, the Israeli Authorities  issued demolition order against the poultry butcher shop on the 14th of September 2015. For more information about this case follow the link below:



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The Applied Research Institute – Jerusalem