Israeli Occupation Forces demolish three residences in Al-Khan Al-Ahmar Bedouin communities

Israeli Occupation Forces demolish three residences in Al-Khan Al-Ahmar Bedouin communities


  • Violation: demolition of residence and barn
  • Location:  Bedouin communities of east Jerusalem
  • Date:  April 07, 2016
  • Perpetrators: Planning and Construction Committee- Israel Civil Administration


Israeli occupation authorities on April 07, 2016 raided three Bedouin communities of east Jerusalem namely Al-Madrasa, Al-Mihtwesh and Abu Dahouok and carried out a demolition on some residences and structures.

  1. Demolition of a residence and a barn in AL-Mihtwesh community:

Israeli Occupation Forces raided the community and demolished a residence and a barn in addition to a fence and animal feeder belonging to citizen Mohammad Jahaleen.

The demolished residence is a barrack that shelters five members including three children. The barn accommodated 70 sheep. In 2015, Civil Administration delivered Mohammad Jahaleen a demolition order but he did not move out from his residence.

Mohammad Al-Jahaleen told Land Research Center the story as follows:

" I was out of the house when one of the community's kids told me that a massive force from Israel Civil Administration raided the area. I watched them until they reached out for my place and barn, which they demolished minutes later.

The force did not mention or say anything; they didn’t even give me any legal paper justifying the demolition"

He also added:

" Israel Civil Administration fights livestock for it represents the spine of Bedouin communities since its considered main source of income and livelihood. Grazing ban is also an Israeli practice to exploit lands for the favor of colonial expansion"

It should be marked that Mohammad is married to three women and works in the livestock sector.

The community of Al-Mihtwesh is inhabited by a number of families namely (Jahaleen, A'ra'rah and Al-Tabaneh; all of which come originally from the occupied area of Beir Al-Saba'.

  1. Demolition of a house in Abu Dahouk community:

A massive force from Israel Civil Administration and army accompanied by dozers raided the Bedouin community of Abu Dahouk and demolished  a house belonging to citizen Mohammad Abu Dahouk.

The owner said that he couldn’t save any of the interior since the operation was carried out without a prior notice or warning.

It should be marked that the house was demolished in 2015 on the claim of unlicensed construction and that the owner re-built it again because he has no other place to go.





scenes of the demolitions that took place in Al Khan Al Ahmar community

Systematic policy:

Abu Dahouk said that Israel Civil Administration worked hard during the past couple of months to photograph and monitor the community to ban any construction or even the provision of construction materials to the area.

" We don’t have any place else to go to. We came here after being displaced in 1948 from our original lands in Beir Al-Saba'. All Israeli policies aim at displacing us and taking our lands over", said Abu Dahouk.

Threatened community:

Citizen Abu Dahouk is reported to reside nearby the highway that links Jerusalem city to Jericho. This makes any act of rehabilitation on his house considered "danger " by the occupation.

Given the sensitivity of the community's location, Abu Dahouk seven member family including a special needs member  is now threatened of displacement.

  1. Demolition of a house in Al-Madrasa community:

Forces from Israel Civil Administration demolished the residence of Suliman Abu Dahouk after raiding the area on Thursday. The demolished house is reported home for five members, most of whom are kids.

It should be marked that the house was served a demolition order in 2009 but the order was not executed at time.

Al-Madrasa community has been witnessing vicious attacks ever since Al-Etrarat school was established in 2009 by international activist.

Men of the community suffer from unemployment due to the economic siege that is resulted from the confiscation of lands and work permits ban for youth.
Some of the community's houses  were moved by their owners after the expansion on the road founded in the nearby.

It should also be marked that the community is facing threat caused by the Civil Administration plan to move Bedouins and relocate them in the Jericho area of AL-Nuwei'ma.




Prepared by
 The Land Research Center

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