Israeli settlers construct a new bypass road on lands of Kisan village

Israeli settlers construct a new bypass road on lands of Kisan village


Israeli settlers, escorted by the Israeli occupation Army, constructed recently a 1.5 kilometers new bypass road on Palestinian land belonging to Kisan village, southeast of Bethlehem city. The road has been constructed for the use of a newly constructed outpost on a hill adjacent to Ibei Nhal outpost, to its south and aimed to facilitate the movement of Israeli settlers living in the newly constructed outpost. Once completed, settlers will be able to reach Kisan main road within 1 minute drive, whereas before they have to travel to Ibei Nahal outpost first and then to the main road, a matter of 5 minutes’ drive. One can see the road line clearly, dissecting the lands of Kisan villlage mountains. See Photos 1-4



Photos 1-4: The newly constructed bypass road and settlement outpost

Map 1: The Israeli colonial activities taking place on lands of Kisan Village


Head of Kisan Village Council, Mr. Hussein Ghazal, stated that settlers living in the new outpost started terrorizing residents of the village in order to prevent them from accessing the area. The lands surrounding the outpost are excellent for sheep grazing and agriculture; and villages for so long took their sheep to graze there; however, settlers living in the newly constructed outpost started their season of terrorizing Palestinians coming near to their location, by letting their dogs at residents to attack them. These attempts aim at cutting off villagers' means of livelihood in order to force them move out of the lands which are adjacent to the illegal Israeli outpost. This in turn has caused a state of fear and despair among villagers who feel that they are about to lose their lands due to the continuous settlers’ attacks. Note that in late 2014, settlers occupied the hill adjacent to Ibei Nahal outpost and started building in the area. Today, five structures can be seen in the site. 

In the meantime, the Israeli machinery and bulldozers are working in the “Ma’ale Amos” industrial zone at the western entrance of Kisan village. Vast tract of Kisan village’s land has already been flattened for that purpose. See Photos 5-8



Photos 5-8: The construction of the Ma'ale Amos Industrial Zone is ongoing


Note that on the 8th of March 2015, the Israeli bulldozers escorted by the Israeli occupation Army stormed Kisan village southeast of Bethlehem city and started razing land in the area belonging to local residents from the village. Local residents were notified that time that their razed land and the area around (nearly 600 dunums of land) had been confiscated under the pretext of “State Land” in 2004. For more information, click here: Land Leveling in Kisan Village South of Bethlehem Governorate

Ma’ale Amos Industrial Zone on lands of Kisan Village – southeast of Bethlehem city

In August 1986, the so-called head of the Israeli Supreme Planning Council in the occupied Palestinian territory has approved plan No. 413/T which states the construction of an Industrial zone on lands of Kisan Village. According to the plan,  570 dunums were designated for the establishment of the industrial zone. Photo 1 is a copy of Ma’ale Amos Industrial Zone Plan 413/T:-

Photo 9: Israeli plan No. 413/T of Ma'ale Amos Industrial Zone


Israeli colonial expansion taking place at Ma’ale Amos settlement

ARIJ fieldworkers were able to observe the expansion taking place in Ma’ale Amos Settlement. Major settlement infrastructure has been built within the settlement preparing for new apartments to be added to the settlement.

With regard to Ma’ale Amos settlement, an Israeli cabinet resolution number 1038 dated on the 24th of August 1980, and resolution Number 356, dated on the 18th of January 1981, the Israeli cabinet approved the establishment of the settlement of Ma’ale Amos along with two other settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory, on lands previously declared by the Israeli Occupation Army as “State Land”. The Israeli cabinet also assigned the World Zionist Organization (WZO‐SD) with the comprehensive responsibility for the establishment of the three settlements that time[1]. See Photos 10-11


Photos 10-11: Expansion at Ma'ale Amos Settlement


The Ma’ale Amos settlement was established with regard to Plan No. 413/1 which stated the construction of 300 housing units. Today, Ma’ale Amos settlement occupies a total land area of 511 and is home to more than 350 Israeli settlers. Moreover, in the year 1999, an outpost to the northwest of Ma’ale Amos settlement was established on lands of Kisan Village under the name, Ibei Nahal. Today the outposts is home to 35 families and contains around 40 mobile homes in addition to other structures (recreation and services). Photos 12-13


Photos 12-13: Ibei Nahal settlement oupost

To conclude

The never-ending expansionist plans taking place on lands of kisan village aim at reshaping the area for the favor of creating new facts on the ground. Israel plans to reintegrate the so-called “Gush Etzion East” settlement bloc–which includes the Illegal Israeli settlements of Nekodim, Tekoa', Kfar Eldad, and Ma'ale 'Amous along with a number of outposts in the area (around 35,000 dunums), with a combined population of more than 5000 Israeli settlers–with new lands allocated for expansionist purposes.


[1] Secret Israeli Database Reveals Full Extent of Illegal Settlement. read more:



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