A new outpost to be established in Salit colony

A new outpost to be established in Salit colony


  • Violation: establishing new outpost
  • Location:  Kfar Sur village- Tulkarm governorate
  • Date:  March 15, 20106
  • Perpetrators: Salit colony
  • Victims:  number of the area's farmers


 It should be marked that the northwestern side of Salit colony has been lately witnessing ravaging works for the sake of establishing a new outpost. This step will destroy and confiscate tens of agricultural dunums that were isolated behind the apartheid wall in Kfar Sur village, south Tulkarm.

According to the field research, the ravaging works are focused in an area that is 1km away from the northern part of Salit colony. So far, 150 dunums have been ravaged and foundations for residential units have been started.

It should be marked that colonists, with ultimate support from the occupation's government, embarked on confiscating and stealing massive areas of Palestinian lands isolated behind the apartheid wall. Such lands got confiscated for expansionist reasons and for the sake of creating a de facto that can never be changed in any future peace talks.

As for the targeted area, the lands are listed in the Jordanian Land Treasury of the Hashemite Kingdom. This was the pretext under which the occupation confiscated the lands and offered them for colonists.


Photos 1-3: side of the ravaging works  


About Salit :

Salit  ; rock in Arabic, was named after the Palestinian village  Kfar Sour on which it is located. 

The colony is situated in the southeastern part of Tulkarm. It was established in 1979 and is of 1475 dunums in area. The reason behind its establishment is geo-political, since it is located between the green line and kfar Sour which has enabled the colony to expand more and more with time.

The lands on which the colony is established are governmental and registered in the Jordanian  land treasury of the Hashemite Kingdom  totaling 1350 dunums. The other part of the lands is owned by the farmers of Kfar Jamal village and is of 125 dunum in area used by colonists for planting cactus. The total area of the colony now is 1475 dunums but the built-up and industrial area totals around 700 dunums in area.



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