Israeli Orders targeted Palestinian structures in Beita town in Nablus Governorate

Israeli Orders targeted Palestinian structures in Beita town in Nablus Governorate

On the 8th of February 2016, the Israeli Civil Administration issued orders to stop the construction of 13 Palestinian structures/ stores in Beita town, south of Nablus city.

According to the Israeli halt construction orders, the targeted structures were “built without permits” form the Israeli Civil Administration (ICA).

Noted that the targeted structures used by Palestinians as stores and commercial structures; for the purposes of  buying and selling  vegetables and fruits.

Following details about the targeted structures:

Table No.1: details about the targeted structures


No. of military order

Type of structures and the area

Name of owner



2 structures (80 + 120 square meters)

Owned by the Municipality of Beita



2 structures (100 + 150 square meters)


Ra’oul Lutfi Issa



1 structure (100 square meters)



2 structures (180 +180 square meters)

Issam Mahmoud Najar



1 structure (50 square meters)

Mahmoud Mohammad Odeh



1 shed (150 square meters)

Owned by the Municipality of Beita



1 shed (150 square meters)

Mohammad Rizeq Alla Mahmoud



1 structure (150 square meters)

Owned by the Municipality of Beita



1 structure (60 square meters)

Owned by the Municipality of Beita



1 shed (80 square meters)

Nabeh Nasser Ma’ale


13 structures



It’s worth pointed that the Israeli Authorities issued two types of military orders in this case, where the first one is the halt construction orders (from order No 1-8 in the table No.1), where the Israeli Authorities demanded the owners of the structures to an immediate halt of the construction  in the structures and to attend a previously appointed session to discuss the objections against the orders that set in this case by the Israeli Authorities on the 2nd of March 2016.

On the other hand, the Israeli Authorities issued another type of demolition orders .These orders granted the owners of the targeted structures more time (3 days from the date that the Israeli Authorities issue the orders which it the 8th of February 2016) to submit the objection against the demolition order. Noted this type of orders issued a step after the Israeli Authorities issued the “halt construction orders”.

The analysis conducted by the Geo-Informatics department in the Applied Research Institute-Jerusalem (ARIJ), showed that the targeted structures and stores located at the western entrance of Beita town, south of Nablus city, and within the “Farmer Markets” (Hisba) and the  surrounded ones. See the map below:

The analysis showed also, that these structures located in the area classified as “Area C” (according to Oslo Agreement, 1995), which it under the control of the Israeli Occupation Authorities. And since these structures located in the Area C, the Palestinians need to get “building permits” from the Israeli Civil Administration.

Furthermore, the targeted structures not only located at the western entrance of Beita town, but also located adjacent to the Israeli bypass road No.60,which used by the Israeli settlers, living in the northern part of Beita town.

In other words,  the targeting of these structures came according to  its location, and proximity to the bypass road No. 60, and the Israeli authorities adopted the claim of “illegal structures” or “build without permits” as a  “legal”  allegation to targeted the structures in aforementioned area.

Beita Town in Nablus Governorate:-

Beita (including Za’tara locality) is a Palestinian town in the Nablus Governorate. It is bordered by Osarin and Aqraba villages to the east, ‘Awarta and Odala to the north, Huwwara and Yasuf to the west, and Yatma and Qabalan to the south. For more information about Beita town follow the link below:


To sum up:

The Israeli Occupation Authorities used the claim “illegal structures” or “build without permits” to target Palestinian structures and houses. While always there are an ulterior  reasons with the aim of serving the Israeli settlers living in the illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, and to emptying the “Area C”, which it about 60% of the total area of the West Bank, to pave the way for the implementation of the Israeli colonial projects. 

Prepared by:
The Applied Research Institute – Jerusalem

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