In less than two weeks, the Israeli occupation Authorities target Kherbit Al Marajem south of Duma village

In less than two weeks, the Israeli occupation Authorities target Kherbit Al Marajem south of Duma village


In less than two weeks, the Israeli Occupation Authorities once again target Kherbit Al Marajem (Al Marajem Hamlet) south of Duma village in Nablus Governorate. On the 21st of January 2016, the so-called Israeli Civil Administration's planning council in the occupied West Bank handed residents of Kherbit Al Marajem, four military orders stating the halt of construction of their homes and agricultural facilities in the area under the pretext of “unlicensed building”, due to their location in the area classified as “C”, in the village, where Israel retains extensive control over security, planning and zoning. According to the orders, the Israeli inspection subcommittee will discuss in its session that will be held on the 3rd of February 2016 whether to demolish the existing facilities or restore the area to its previous status. The military orders hold Numbers  182218, 182321, 182320 and 182322.


Photos 1-4: copies of the military orders 


Earlier on the 12th of January 2016, the Israeli Occupation Army handed out Palestinian families in Khirbet Al Marajem demolition orders for six residential rooms and two commercial shops under the same pretext. Owners of the threatened residential and commercial facilities were identified as: Hasan Zamel Ahmad Dawabsha, Imran Ahmad Mustafa Dawabsha and Jamal Mustafa At Taweel. See Map 1

Map 1: Location of Kherbit Al Marajem in Nablus Governorate


A Halt of construction order In Jalud village

Another halt of construction order targets a 60 sqm meters facility in Jalud village in Nablus Governorate and holds number 182219. The threatened facility is surrounded by a number of Israeli settlements and outposts from all directions, Kida outpost from the East, Ahiya outpost from the northwest, Esh Kodesh outpost from the North and Shilo Settlement from the West, which puts it under the threat of demolition due to its location among a cluster of Israeli settlements and outpsts. See Copy of the military Order

Photo 5: Military Order No. 182219


Map 2: Location of the targeted facility in Jalud Village


Note that in November 2015, the Israeli Civil Administration (ICA) handed out several Palestinian families in Jalud Village military orders stating to halt the construction of their homes under the pretext of lacking valid build licenses.  The targeted Palestinian homes are located close to two Israeli outposts named Ahiya and Esh Kodesh that were illegally established on lands of Jalud village and administratively follow Shevut Rahel settlement in Nablus Governorate.  For more information, click here: New Israeli demolition orders threaten the fate of 10 Palestinian homes in Jalud Village in the southern Nablus periphery

Earlier in October 2015, the Israeli daily newspaper “Haaretz”, revealed that the Israeli Government intends to legalize four illegal outposts northeast of Ramallah Governorate. According to the newspaper, the plan came as a response from the Israeli Supreme Court to “Yesh Din” -Israeli human rights organization- to evacuate the illegal settlement of ‘Adi ‘Ad east of the illegal settlement of Shilo which was built on private Palestinian land. Moreover , and in its response, the Israeli prosecution informed the court concerning the Israeli government intention to legalize the aforementioned outpost as well as three other outposts (Kida, Yeash Kodesh and Ahiya) that are located eastward to the settlement of Shilo. For more information, click here: “Towards Sustainable Occupation”, Four Illegal Outposts to be Legalized in the occupied West Bank.

To sum up

While the Israeli Government continue to target Palestinian homes and facilities in Area “C”, it leashes the efforts to advance building and construction in Israeli settlements in occupied West Bank, where in 2015 only, Israel advanced plans for almost 9000 settlement units in the occupied West Bank; at the same time, Israel demolished 482 homes and facilities in the occupied Palestinian Governorates and notified around 630 homes and facilities of demolition. This shows the discriminator policy Israel is pursuing in the occupied Palestinian territory which clearly supports building settlements and outposts and the confiscation of Palestinian lands, while undermines the Palestinian urban development in the area that is still under its Control.



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