The Israeli occupation dozers demolish a residence in Beit Hanina

The Israeli occupation dozers demolish a residence in Beit Hanina


The dozers of the Israeli occupation demolished on January 20, 2016 a residence that is still under construction in the Beit Hanina neighborhood of Al-Ashqariya  on the claim of "unlicensed construction".

 It is reported that a massive force from Israel Police raided the neighborhood at the early hours of morning and embarked on demolishing a residence belonging to citizen Hiba Abu Asab.

Citizen Hiba told Land Research Center the following: " Construction works on the house started on November 2015; it is of 50m2 in area. My kids(4) and I planned to move to the new house that is located in Beit Hanina and next to Rekhes colony that is founded on lands from the neighboring town of Shu'fat. 

Without any previous warning, the dozers of the occupation arrived at the location, closed all roads leading to house and embarked on demolishing it. Noteworthy, the force demolished parts of the wall surrounding the house and destroyed the gate before demolishing the structure itself"

Citizen Hiba asserted that the Israeli occupation authorities forced her to demolish a house of her own in the same location in 2014. She was fined 20,000 NIS, which she is still paying until today for building without a permit.



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