Colonists poke holes in the walls of Sub laban residence in the Old City of Jerusalem

Colonists poke holes in the walls of Sub laban residence in the Old City of Jerusalem


The family of Sub Laban on January 03, 2016 was shocked to discover holes poked in the walls of their residence founded in the area of Aqabat Al-Khaldiya in the Old City of Jerusalem.

It is reported that colonists took over a house adjacent to Sub Laban's and that they poked six holes in the wall of the residence using manual equipments that make no noise.

The son of the house owner, Ahmad, told Land Research Center the following:

" We went back home at night and  found six holes in the wall that separates our house from the recently taken over residence. This attempt is to sneak into our residence to take it also over. Note that our house is threatened of takeover on the claim of it being a Jewish property"

He also said: " We immediately called Israel Police, who arrived at the place and saw the holes. They only asked colonists to seal off the holes without taking any lawful action against them"

Sub Laban family waits for the court's decision following  a plea they submitted to halt an eviction order. The evection order was the first step to take over the residence and transfer it to a colonial group that claims the house a Jewish estate before the 1948.

The pretext of "Jewish PropertyOwnership" is commonly used by colonists and colonial group that are active in Jerusalem aiming at seizing more Palestinian properties.


Colonists were reportedly documented to carry out attacks and violations against Jerusalemites. Attacks included assaulting kids, pepper spraying passersby and vandalizing Palestinian properties in addition to structures takeover. Shockingly, Israel Police renders the deaf ear to the pleas submitted by  affected Jerusalemite and even protect colonists at time of carrying out attacks.



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