Price Tag colonists attempt at burning down a Palestinian house

Price Tag colonists attempt at burning down a Palestinian house


Violation: colonists attempts at torching a Palestinian family

Location: Beitillu village- Ramallah

Date: December 22, 2015

Perpetrators: Nahliel colonists

Victims:  family of Hussein Al-Najjar


 A group of Price Tag colonists from Nahliel colony sneaked on December 22, 2015 into the Ramallah village of Beitillu. The gangsters headed towards the house of Hussein Al-Najjar that is located at the edge of the village and attempted at setting it on fire.  A similar incident happened August and got Al-Dawabshih family torched alive.

It is reported that the colonists hurled three gas canisters into the targeted house’s kitchen after breaking the windows. Note that the house is inhabited by the parents and a nine month toddler. The owner of the house noticed what happened and shouted to get the neighbors’ help. Colonists fled the scene at once and neighbors rushed to break the house door to get the family out.

It is also reported that the colonists spray printed inciting slogans that translate “death to Arabs” and a “Salutation for the detainees of Tsion” in reference to the killers Al-Dawabshih family, who burned down the family o death while asleep.


Photos 1-2: the targeted house

It should be marked that the gang of fanatic colonists, Price Tag, has been active for years in carrying out violations and attacks on Palestinian rural communities; especially the town of Beitillu. Attacks reached out people, structures, plants and animals. Not only, places of worshiping, Islamic and Christian, were a primary target for that group. Noteworthy, such attacks are carried out under the protection and the watchful eye of the Israeli occupation forces and troops.

Beitillu – an overview:

Beitillu is located 19 km to the north west of Ramallah and is considered the largest village in the region, area wise. It is edged by several Palestinian villages besides the armistice line to the west; the village also incubates a number of water springs.

The village total area is 13419 dunums, including 5825 dunums used for irrigated farming and 2500 dunums of olive fields. It is inhabited by around 4500 people; the youth rates are very high in the village. The village, with more than 2000 dunums of open fields suitable for cultivation, is reputable for its olive, prunes, fig, and citrus production.


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