Evacuation notice on an agricultural land in Salfit

Evacuation notice on an agricultural land in Salfit


Violation: serving an evacuation order on a land

Location:  Wad Qana- Salfit

Date:  November 05, 2015

Perpetrators: Israel Nature Authority

Victims:  Farmer Hussni Mansour


The Israeli occupation, through its Nature Authority, continues its plan to take over the whole area of Wad Qana, east Salfit by evacuating people from their lands.

It should be marked that Israel Nature Authority on November 05, 2015 raided the area of Khallet Sha’th in the heart of Wad Qana “Qana valley” and delivered an evacuation order to farmer Hussni Mansour (43) on his 3 dunums agricultural land. Noteworthy, the land is an olive grove that it planted with 5 years olive trees; the trees were planted three years ago.

Photo 1: the evacuation order


Photo 2: the targeted land


The occupation justified the order on the claim that the land is classified as a natural reserve, which obliges the owner to evacuate it and dismantle the 180m fence from around it within a deadline of 48 hours from receiving the notice.

It is reported that Israel Nature Authority has always harassed farmers through banning them from cultivating their lands and taking care of them. The occupation claims that such farming activities harm the wildlife, taking into account that colonists release wild pigs to destroy the lands of Palestinian farmers every now and then. This destroyed the crops of farmers and their sources income as well, taking into account that most of them depend on agriculture.



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 The Land Research Center

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