Israeli colonists torch vast area of lands in Ramallah governorate

Israeli colonists torch vast area of lands in Ramallah governorate


Violation: burning down 12 dunums of pastures

Location:  Turmus’ayya and Al-Maghair villages

Date: 29+31/07/2015

Perpetrators: Adi Ad colonists

Victims:  farmers from the villages


Fanatic colonists have lately escalated violations and attacks on agricultural lands and farmers in the suburb areas of Palestine; more specifically in the eastern side of Ramallah city.

A group of extremists from Adi Ad colony on July 29, 2015 broke into the eastern side of Turmus’ayya village and set fire to a wheat crop that has been piled to be processed later.


Photos 1-3: the wheat crop: while and after burning.


It should be marked that colonists poured gasoline on the pile and set fire to it; the five colonists then fled the scene under the protection of the Israeli occupation army. Noteworthy, fire damaged the whole crop before farmers of the village could come to extinguish it, taking into account the village is only 3km away from the field.

According to the data of Ramallah’s ministry of agriculture, the targeted crop was the harvest of 7.5 dunums with an estimate of 4 tons of weight and 8000 INS ($2100). Not only that, an amount of 3 tons of hay was entirely burned down as a result.

The targeted crop was reported to be owned by farmer Imad Hammod (56) from the Ramallah village of Turmus’ayya. Farming and plantation is Hammod’s only source of income to support his 7 member family including three minors.

Torching 5 agricultural dunums from Al-Maghair village

It should be marked that the same group of fanatic colonists on July 31, 2015 sneaked into the western side of Al-Maghair village known as Al Sidir and attempted at setting fire to the area.  The attack failed due to vigilance of the village’s youth. If successfully carried out, the attack could have resulted in a huge catastrophe.  


Photo 4-5: the torched pastures in Al-Maghair village

Noteworthy, the Israeli occupation army secured the escape of the attackers via imposing a siege on the village. The army fired Illuminating cartridge that resulted in torching 6 dunums of pastures in the area known as Wad Ed-Dba’ from the village. The area was entirely burned down before the Palestinian fire department could even interfere. 



Prepared by
 The Land Research Center

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