Colonists of Givat Ronen continue taking over lands from the Nablus village of Huwwara

Colonists of Givat Ronen continue taking over lands from the Nablus village of Huwwara


Violation: new lands takeover

Location: Huwwara- Nablus

Date:  01/06/2015

Perpetrators: Givat Ronen colonists

Victims:  farmer Yasir Oudeh


 On June 01, 2015 citizen Yasir Oudeh (a doctor working in Germany) was surprised to see that an area of 10 dunums from his land was fenced by colonists of Givat Ronen. Noteworthy, the land is located in the area of Khallet Hannun within the natural block no.22. It should be marked that the land’s act of purchase was supported by documents issued by Palestinian courts.

The targeted plot is reported to be planted with field crops; especially grains and that it is only 100m away from the outpost of Givat Ronen.


Photo 1: the outpost of Givat Ronen

An aerial photo of the targeted location


Previous attacks:

The brother of the land’s owner Salah Oudeh (29) pointed out that the issue started in 2014 when colonists fenced a big area of lands estimated of 31dunum, of 28 dunums are planted. Citizen Salah filed a complaint to the Israeli side, which never considered it; he also submitted a complaint to the Palestinian bodies using the legal documents he has but it was also of no result.

 About Givat Ronen:

In 1997, the army of Israeli occupation grabbed around 4.5 dunums from the lands of Burin from the eastern side, which is adjacent to Bracha colony. The occupation justified the land grab under the pretext of "Security reasons" to build a watchpost in the area; in the after math of the second intifada, colonists set up caravans in the periphery of the watchpost, which later on became an outpost under the name of Givat Ronen.

It should be mentioned that the outpost is inhabited by extreme fanatics who are known for their discriminative characteristics and hatred for Arabs. The outpost itself is regarded an extension for Bracha at the levels of building, causing destruction, and looting Palestinian lands.

 Palestinian lands: A victim of colonists

Palestinian lands are considered victim of colonists’ attacks; agricultural lands relative to Burin and Huwwara villages are a clear example on colonists’ violations and attacks, which are represented in denying access to lands, assaulting farmers, and closing agricultural roads.

Land grab and confiscation is also a method by which colonists steal Palestinians to expand and build more colonies and outposts.



Prepared by
 The Land Research Center

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