The Israeli occupation imposes sanctions on the residents of Al-Ramadin northern community

The Israeli occupation imposes sanctions on the residents of Al-Ramadin northern community


Violation:  imposing sanctions of Palestinians

Location:  Al-Ramadin northern community- Qalqiliya

Perpetrators:  Israeli occupation army

Victims:  residents of the Bedouin community


The Israeli occupation authorities continue imposing punitive sanctions and complicated procedures on the residents of Arab Al-Ramadin who reside in the northern community, north east Qalqiliya governorate.

The chairman of the Bedouin community Mr. Amar Jakharmeh told a researcher from Land Research Center that since the beginning of 2015 and until now, the Israeli occupation authorities still imposing complicated search procedures when people pass through the military gate located at the entrance of the community, which leads towards the colony of Zufin.

The firmness of search reached out the goods people buy as basic needs; bags, medicine and other stuff are thoroughly checked. Not to mention old people who suffer and are burdened by waiting at the checkpoint for long times before they are let in.

This harassment reached out school kids who get detained for hours under the heat of the sun before they get released to their schools.

Side of the targeted Bedouin community


Imposing siege on the Bedouin community:

In 2002, the Israeli occupation army established the apartheid wall in Qalqiliya; the community of Al-Ramadin that is inhabited by 120 residents got isolated behind the wall. This made the community a target for the occupation and the colonial expansion plans.

 The Israeli occupation authorities established a metal gate no. 1037 at the entrance of the Bedouin community; the gate is also used to link colonists to the colony of Zufin, which is only 700m away from the community. Search and check procedures are reported to be the most complicated and humiliated in terms of human rights.

It should be marked that the Planning and Construction Committee- Israel Civil Administration has previously notified the whole community with stop-work and demolition; a total of 35 structures were notified as a result.

About Al-Ramadin:

The residents of this community hail from the area of occupied Bier Shiva of 1948; the Israeli authorities made sure to expel them out of the area towards southern Hebron where they now reside. The community is composed of two main families namely (Jakhadma and Shu’ur).

 Because of the hard conditions of life, a big part of those people had to move to Qalqiliya area where they settled in and named it southern Ramadin. Another part resided on a leased land from the village of Jayyus; they named it southern Ramadin.




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