The Israeli colony of Shadmot Mehola goes under expansion

The Israeli colony of Shadmot Mehola goes under expansion


Violation: leveling Palestinian lands for the favor of colonial expansion

Location:  Palestinian Jordan Valley (al-ghoor)

Date:  01/05/2015

Perpetrators: colonists of Shadmot Mehola


In a new attack against Palestinian lands and people, the machineries of the Israeli occupation continue the ravaging works in the eastern and southern parts of Shadmot Mehola colony, which is located in the heart of al-ghoor area, adjacent to the Israeli bypass road no.90.

It should be marked that leveling works mainly aim at expanding the colony and establishing new infrastructure for it. According to the field follow up conducted in the area, more than 40 dunums were leveled so far for the favor of the colony’s expansion.

Photo 1:  the colony of Shadmot Mehola


It should be marked that the Israeli government by 2014 ratified a expansion plan for a number of colonies located in the heart of the Palestinian Jordan Valley. This step came to attract more Jewish investors in the area and revive the economy of the nearby colonies namely (Shadmot Mehola, Yafit Avrid Yeriho, and Maskiyyot). Noteworthy, the Israeli occupation attempts to transform the aforementioned colonies into great colonial bases, from which massive land takeover starts.

About Shadmot Mehola:

The colony was established in 1982 as an outpost that progressively evolved into a greater colony inhabited by more than 1500 colonists, the majority of whom are conservatives.

The colony was first used as a military zone for the Israeli occupation army by 1980. Later on, the zone gradually became a residential colony.  


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