Colonists attempt at setting fire to a Hebron home

Colonists attempt at setting fire to a Hebron home


Violation:  colonists’ attempt to set a house on fire

Location: Tal Rmeida -Hebron

Date: 31/05/2015

Perpetrators: Tal Rmeida colonists

Victims:  Citizen Imad Abu Shamsiya


A group of colonists from the outpost Ramat Yashi that is founded on private Palestinian lands in Hebron city, on May 31, 2015 attempted at setting the house of Citizen Imad Abu Shamsiya on fire. 

Abu Shamsiya (45) said that he woke up by midnight on the sounds of rocks thrown at the doors and the roof of his house. Imad went up to the roof to see what was going and found out that some cloths and a bench were set on fire. A neighbor shouted to inform Imad of the fire, which both men managed to extinguish.


Photos 1-3: signs of the fire on the bench and the clothes


Citizen Abu Shamsiya pointed out that he saw three female colonists roaming around his house. The citizen immediately informed the occupation soldiers present at a nearby checkpoint; police told Abu Shamsiya that they will look into the incident.

Abu Shamsiya also said that he managed to extinguish the fire without the help of the fire brigade. Noteworthy, the brigade was detained at the checkpoint leading to Abu Shamsiya’s house.

A police patrol arrived at the scene and asked the three colonists to step away and leave to their houses. An officer then checked the ID of Citizen Abu Shamsiya and asked him to file a complaint in the Kiryat Arbaa police station.

It should be marked that the residence of Citizen Abu Shamsiya is located in the area of Tal Rmeida- Hebron governorate, where a permanent Israeli checkpoint is set up 20 meters away. The citizen and his family usually witness attacks carried out by either colonists or the army troops ; attacks are represented by home raids, break-ins, detention, deliberate sabotage of home interior, etc. Noteworthy, colonists on April attempted to poison the drinking water of Abu Shamsiya through putting chemical substance in his water tanks.

Photo 4: signs of damage and sabotage resulted by Israeli attacks and violations 


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