“Additional opportunity to object a demolition” order on 9 residences in Jericho

“Additional opportunity to object a demolition” order on 9 residences in Jericho


Violation: serving orders on 9 residences

Location: Nabi Musa village-Jericho

Date: 13/05/2015

Perpetrators: Israel Civil Administration and army

Victims:  family of Salim Krushan


The Israeli occupation authorities accompanied by a staff from the Civil Administration on May 13, 2015 served “Additional opportunity to object a demolition” order on 9 residences owned by the family of Salim Krushan in the area of Al-Hathrawih that is located in the nearby of Nabi Musa village, which is relative to the Bedouin communities of East Jerusalem.

It should be marked that the order followed a demolition order no. 308039 that was previously served on the same residences.

The military order gave the owner a three day deadline to object the order in the court of Beit El. Noteworthy, it is impossible to prepare all needed documents for objection in such a short period of time; the occupation does so in order to make owners lose hope in restoring their rights. Fortunately, the deadline was extended to 30 days; the change can be seen in the photo of the order.

Citizen Salim told a researcher from Land Research Center the following: “The community was served a stop-work order on December 11, 2011; and residents of the area sought an attorney to follow on the case”

It should be marked the citizen Salim and his sons have been residing the community since 1993; despite the frequent attacks the family witness, they insist on staying in their home.

The community accommodates around 56 members including 38 children; the land of this area is considered Waqf (Islamic endowment) and is relative to the village of Nabi Musa.



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 The Land Research Center

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