Confiscation of solar panels in al-Khan al-Ahmar- occupied Jerusalem

Confiscation of solar panels in al-Khan al-Ahmar- occupied Jerusalem


Violation:  confiscating solar cells

Date:  01/04/2015

Location:  al-Khan al-Ahmar, east Jerusalem

Perpetrators: Israeli occupation army

Victims:  13 Bedouin families 


A massive force from the Israeli occupation army accompanied by a military dozer on April 01, 2015 raided the area of  al-Helo Bedouin community in al-Khan al-Ahmar, east Jerusalem , imposed a closure and forced residents out in the cold without any previous warning.

The Israeli occupation authorities confiscated 13 solar cells that the residents of the community used to generate power and lighting. Noteworthy, the cells were gifted by an international funding body.

The occupation justified the confiscation under the pretext of the solar cells being illegally installed in areas classified as  military closed zones. The chairman of the Bedouin community Mr. Ayed Jahalin told an observer from Land Research Center that the occupation did not serve them any previous confiscation notice on the solar cell and that it did not deliver any confiscation minute after the incident.

It should be marked that 13 Bedouin families consisting of 78 members including 38 children are the main beneficiaries from the confiscated cells.


Photos 1-2: the Bedouin community in al-Khan al-Ahmar


Numerous violations:

The Bedouin communities of Arab al-Jahalin and Abu al-Helo in the area of al-Khan al-Ahmar are considered a hot spot of Israeli attacks and violations for the sake of displacing the indigenous from the area.

Confiscating agricultural equipments and water tanks is one the occupation means to achieve the aforementioned end. Also, notifying  the primitive residences and demolishing them to displace residents was another means the occupation conducted to reach its aim.

The occupation did not stop there, it revealed a plan to forcefully displace the Bedouin community in the area of al-Khan al-Ahmar and relocate them alongside with other Bedouins from other communities in the area of al-Nuwai'ma in Jericho.

A  Long suffering:

Residents of al-Khan al-Ahmar came originally from Bier Sheba, south of occupied territories; they were displaced to the area of al-Samou' in Hebron in 1948. Due to the hard life conditions ,and lack of possibilities and  pastures, major part of them left to random areas in the Palestinian Jordan Valley (al-ghoor) and resided in an area known as al-Khan al-Ahmar. Others settled down in al-Murajat, Maghair al-Deir and al-Jiftlik areas.

Al-Khan al-Ahmar is 10km to north of al-Eizariya town and is nearby the bypass road no.90. Residents of arab al-Jahalin reside the area even before 1967, which means that they were there before the establishment of all colonies including Male Adummim that has devoured vast area of lands. The 230 people of the area are now subject to the Israeli plan of displacement. 


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