A final demolition order on a road in the Hebron village of Yatta

A final demolition order on a road in the Hebron village of Yatta


Violation: serving a demolition order on a road

Location:  Khirbet Mughayyir Al-Abid- Yatta

Date: 29/04/2015

Perpetrators: Israel Civil Administration

Victims:  residents of the area


 The Israeli occupation authorities on April 29, 2015 served a demolition order on a dirt road that leads to the area of Khirbet Mughayyir Al-Abid in Yatta village.

It should be marked that Israel Civil Administration raided the area and left the order under a stone by the road itself; the military order no. 392008 was entitled “final stop-work and demolition order”.

Photo 1: the military order

The order mentioned that the road was opened without proper license and gave a 7 day deadline to demolish the road and restore its previous status. If not compelled, the Israeli occupation authorities will carry out the demolition operation and all expenses will be billed to the residents of the area.

The Israeli occupation authorities on January 26, 2015 served a stop-work order on the road and also served a demolition order on it. For further information, please visit the following report issued by Land Research Center in this regard (Ar, Eng)

Photo2: the previous stop-work order on the road


It should be marked that the road was rehabilitated in 2014 though overlaying a base-course layer to facilitate people’s movement in and outside the Khirbet; the road is of 800 m in length. The road is also considered the village’s linking point with other communities

The chairman of Massfir Yatta Protection Committee Othman Jabarin said that the rehabilitation was funded by the JVC association and implemented by the Protection Committee.

About Mughayyir Al-Abid:

It is located within the area of Masafer Yatta, south Hebron governorate; Mughayyir’s built-up area totals 15 dunums and is inhabited by 27 people.

The Khirbet is edged by communities of Tuba from the north, Sfai Al-Fauqa from the east, and Qawawis from the west, and Al-Tabban from the south.

The Khirbet suffers from the lack of proper infrastructure and internal roads, which facilitate people’s movement. Also, the area suffers from water scarcity and lack of water cisterns to store water.

It should be marked that the area of Mughayyir Al-Abid is surrounded by the colonies of Ya’ir and Susiya, which repeatedly attack the area and its residents. Ironically, the Israeli occupation authorities allow colonists of the aforementioned colonies to expand where Palestinian are denied so.



Prepared by
 The Land Research Center

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