A stop-work order on a water cistern in the Hebron town of Yatta

A stop-work order on a water cistern in the Hebron town of Yatta


Violation:  serving a stop-work order on a cistern

Date:  23/03/2015

Location:  Khirbet Um Nir –Yatta

Perpetrators:  Israel Civil Administration and Army

Victims:  citizen Mohammad Jubor



The Israeli occupation authorities on March 23, 2015 served a stop-work and construction order on  a under construction water cistern belonging to citizen Mohammad Jubor in the area of Khirbet Um Nit, south Yatta town.

 Jubor told a researcher from Land Research Center the following :

" one of the shepherds in Um Nir noticed a patrol from the Civil Administration accompanied by an army force leaving the order by the cistern; the shepherd picked the order up and delivered it to the cistern's owner"

Photo 1: a view of the notified cistern

The order mentioned that the structure was built without a proper licensepermit and compelled a halt on construction.

It should be marked that citizen Jubor started constructing the cistern a year ago; it was supposed to accumulate 100m3 of water. The citizen pointed out that the reason behind building the cistern is to catch rainwater to irrigate a 7 dunum plot he owns nearby the structure.

Lately, the Israeli occupation authorities targeted the area of Um Nir with stop-work orders and demolition to force people leave their locations; this would give room for colonists of Susiya, that is located in the nearby, to take over the area for their own good.


Prepared by
 The Land Research Center


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