The Israeli military camp Salim threatens the lives of Jenin residents

The Israeli  military camp Salim threatens the  lives of Jenin residents


Violation:  The Israeli  military camp Salim threatens lives of Jenin residents

Date:  12/02/2014

Perpetrators: Israeli occupation army

Victims:  residents of Zububa


At the eve of 1948 war, the Israeli occupation confiscated a vast area from the lands of Zububa village and established a military camp named "Salim". Ever since that date, the occupation has been constantly harassing people and violating their rights inhumanely  in all possible means .

Since water and agriculture are crucial for the residents of Jenin villages, the occupation on February 2015 expropriated vast area of Zububa lands from the southwestern side, which is adjacent to Salim military camp. The confiscated lands were transformed into a shooting arena for the army; the Palestinian owners of the lands now have to obtain a specific permit to access their plots  from the occupation beforehand . Noteworthy, those lands accommodate a number of underground wells  that make the area famous for.

The shooting arena is reported to be 1km from the village houses; this shapes a real threat and danger on families especially kids who play in the nearby. The chairman of Zububa village council to Land Research Center that the occupation starts shooting trainings at night , which badly traumatize kids as well as women; walls of the houses got badly damaged due to heavy bullets and sound bombs .

Photo 1: the shooting arena


The issue of the apartheid wall water duct :

Since the establishment of the apartheid wall, Zububa suffered from the water duct founded at the bottom of the wall; the agricultural lands of Zububa – every winter season – get flooded with the water stuck behind the wall causing all crops to die.

Not only that, the occupation pumps the sewage water coming out from Salim camp through the duct causing a pollution to the environment more than just flooding. Since then, the village council of Zububa submitted many pleas and complaints to the Israel side but no results have been rendered in this regard. On the contrary, the problem is even getting worse.

About Zububa:

The village is 10km to the northwestern center of Jenin governorate; it has a total land area of 13,839 dunums, 11,699 of which are located within the so-called armistice line of 1949. The property of those lands were moved to Israel as a result.

Zububa has a total population of 1780 people( 2013 census ) and accommodates a number of families from Palestine and even from Jordan; those families came to reside in there due to the area's great reputation.

The following families are the most known ones in the area namely( Jaradat, Maqalda, Amarneh, Rifa'I, Jammal, Atatra, Abahreih, Imar'a, Abu Libdeh, Abu Oubeid, Abu Hasan, Oubeidy, Qaisi, Qan'ir, Silawi, Shaban, Abu Nassar, Abu Zaid). Residents of the area rely on working behind the armistice line of 1949, which means areas under Israeli control. Others depend on agriculture and few of them work as employees and merchants.



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