Colonists uproot 90 olive sapling in the Hebron area of Tal Rumaida

Colonists uproot 90 olive sapling in the Hebron area of Tal Rumaida


Violation:  uprooting trees

Date:  25/02/2015

Location:  Hebron governorate

Perpetrators: Beit Hadasa colonists

Victims:   Iqnaibi family


 A group of fanatic colonists on February 25, 2015 uprooted around 90 olive saplings from the land of Iqnaibi family, which is located nearby Qurtuba school in the area of Tal Rumaida in Hebron.

It should be marked that a group of youth volunteers on February 03, 2015 planted the aforementioned seedlings on a 1 dunum plot belonging to Iqnaibi family for the sake of protecting it from colonists attacks. This did not last long for colonists later sneaked into the plot after cutting its  fence , uprooted the seedlings and stole them.

Noteworthy, the volunteers carried out the planting event within the activities of " the land is ours" campaign, which was launched for the sake of planting threatened lands by the colonization; the campaign was funded by the Arab Committee for Nature Protection In Jordan.

Before the saplings incident, colonists used to break into the plot and hold some religious activities and rituals; all of that was  for the sake of expanding the colony of Beit Hadasa that is located in the nearby.

The colony of Beit Hadasa is comprised of three colonial masses " outposts" namely ( Shnaih Orson, Beit Hashisha, and Beit Hadasa).

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