Stop-work orders on water cisterns in al-Fakhit natural reserve in Yatta

Stop-work orders on water cisterns in al-Fakhit natural reserve in Yatta


Violation: serving stop-work orders

Date: 12/01/2015

Location:  al-Fakhit / Hebron governorate

Perpetrators: Israel Civil Administration and army

Victims:  residents of Yatta village


 The Israeli occupation authorities on January 12, 2015 served stop-work and construction orders on two water cisterns in the natural reserve of al-Fakhit in Yatta village, south Hebron.

Some residents of the area found the stop-work orders left by the cisterns.; the orders mentioned that the structures were unlicensed construction and appointed February 05, 2015 as the hearing session for the Planning and Inspection Committee in the court of Beit El to consider whether to demolish the notified structures or restore their previous status.

The threatened cisterns belong to the family of Mohammad al-Yatatwih; each cistern has a volume of 120m3.

It should be marked that al-Fakhit natural reserve has an area of 950 dunums belonging to different families from Yatta namely (Mohammad, Makhamrih, Abu Iram ). The work on establishing this reserve started in 2010 with the fund from  FAO organization.

Noteworthy, the Israeli occupation authorities have previously targeted the area with lots of orders and uprooted and looted a big number of trees from .

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