Ravaging 30 agricultural dunums from the Bethlehem village of Wad Rahhal

Ravaging 30 agricultural dunums from the Bethlehem village of Wad Rahhal


Violation: ravaging 30 dunums

Date: 14/01/2015

Location: Wad Rahhal- Bethlehem

Perpetrators: Israel Civil Administration and army

Victims:  families from al-Duheisha camp and Artas


The dozers of the Israeli occupation army ravaged on January, 01, 2015 a total area of 30 dunums and uprooted a fence that was used to surround the plot; the targeted lands are located in Abu Zaid mountain and Khallet al-Cotton  , which is opposite to Duheisha camp. The owners of the lands planted them with seasonal crops in order to protect them from colonial expansion plans and attacks.

In 2004, residences of the area received a confiscation order on their lands under the pretext of them being " state properties". Despite the order, farmers cultivated the lands and planted them for protection purposes.

Such attacks and violations are meant to expropriate agricultural lands for the sake of expanding Israeli colonies that are located in the peripheries of Palestinian lands.


Photos 1-2:  the ravaged lands in Khallet al-Cotton


Colonists and army troops exchange roles in attacking Palestinian lands:

It should be marked that at the same time the army troops carried out the ravaging attack in Khallet al-Cotton, Efrat colonists carried out another crime in the location of Khallet al-Naheleh that is located in the same village.



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